Have a look at this: Flood-stricken spiders weave a sea of webs. Have you ever seen spider webs that look like snow?


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    That's awesome, of course I would not think it was so awesome if they were in my backyard, or all over the yard as they are on that farm but it sure brings home the plight of all of God's creatures, not just mankind when events like this occur. 


    The bad weather has not begun yet. The sky doesn't look good at all. I suppose we'll get it when we're trying to sleep.

    Stay safe and keep your life jackets handy. Those spiders know something is coming. Nature knows better than us.

    Nature can sometimes be amazing.   They seem to be able bail themselves out of trouble when tragedy strikes.


    Yes, nature is wonderful.

    so true.

    we'd be lost without it.

    No two spiderwebs (snowflakes) are alike.

    This is amazing. Nature at its best. We can learn so much by observing how they behave.

    Amazing! I hope they survive! The author of the article says those webs do not last long

    Spider webs are beautiful. What you saw sounds nice.


    click on the site (in blue) right below the Q..and you can see it!

    Well at least the don't have to worry about flies, mosquitoes and the likes of anything else of that nature,,

    I've seen webs like that- but nowhere near as huge!!!! Spiders are very smart!!!


    they're big spiders too, but harmless to humans because they can't bite through our skin.

    Yes! A big relief to the farmer and his family!!!

    Thank you, nature is awesome!


    Thank you. Amazing


    I have a place on my pool deck that always has a spider web every year. The spider comes out and we just hang out and I talk to it. Pretty cool I'd say. Nature has so much to share with us and we need to slow down to watch and listen.

    It actually was shown on the news last night. and the flood , where many homes are under water.A terrible time there.

    The silken webs do look amazing like snow,Eggie thou you would not find me within a mile of this place as i have Arachnophobia.

    JUST saw it online!!  Sickening and disgusting,  I couldn't even look at the pics of the spiders themselves, revulsion!  Unbelievable!!!  Completely made my skin crawl,  Yes, they have a purpose on this earth, but NOT like this, around homes!!


    I think they are beautiful!

    mm. These spiders a amazing and beautiful. They are part of our wonderful nature.

    Yes, they are they are one of natures marvels, have an important purpose and can be of incredibly beautiful colors but have ALWAYS totally creeped me out. I don't have a problem with any other insect at all, or even snakes. Only spiders. I completely respect your views, Lord knows they need all the help they can get in this world. For the record, too, I get a spider out of my house alive if at all possible with the help of my husband. I don't like to kill anything needlessly.

    WOW, how beautiful!!!!!! We get patches like this in the yard, but never to this extent. 

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