how much do people who are on reality series shows get paid

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    I don't think they get paid. I think it's all about the prize at the end. 

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    It depends on the show, but many get a stipend for every week they stay in in elimination shows. I believe at one time the stipend for Survivor type shows was about $750 for every week you stayed in, with bonuses of $75,000-$1,000,000 for the top 3 or 4 slots.

    In my opinion you shouldn't go on a reality show unless you can afford to lose. The contracts lock you out of writing about your experiences for up to 3 years and the network will hound you to do reunion shows etc, and you have to do them, no matter if it messes up your schedule or not. People should know what they're signing away when they sign on--no record deals, no book deals, no interviews unless ok'd by the network, lots of things you need to be aware of. They own YOU for those three years so basically anything creative you do, is theirs.

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