adjectives the word of proud

    She showed her work


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    having or showing a proper pride in oneself, one's position, one's family, etc.having or showing an overweening opinion of oneself, one's position, etc.; arrogant; haughtyfeeling or showing great pride or joy, as from being honored that is an occasion or cause of pride; highly gratifying arising from or caused by pride; presumptuous stately; splendid: a proud fleetspirited; of high mettle: a proud stallion

    Pride is not an adjective, it is a noun (abstract). In the sentence, great, is the adjective. You want synonyms for the word, pride.

    amour-propre, delight, dignity, ego, ego trip, egoism, egotism, face, gratification, happiness, honor, joy, pleasure, pridefulness, repletion, satisfaction, self-admiration, self-confidence, self-glorification, self-love, self-regard, self-respect, self-satisfaction, self-sufficiency, self-trust, self-worth, sufficiency

    An adjective for pride?  You want a word describing pride...    False pride.  Misplaced pride.  Justifiable pride.  Unjustified pride.     False, Misplaced, Justifiable, and Unjustified are all adjectives describing "pride".  

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