what should i do if my i phone fall in the toilet

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    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT power the phone on for a day or two. It is an old wives tale you could put the phone in a bag of rice to dry it quicker. You may or may not do that, let your phone lay out on a windowsil or something so that it can dry, keep the battery out. Use a different phone is possible for the next few days, if it does not work call your insurance (if you have it).

    I  don't believe that the rice idea is an old wives tail.  Take the phone apart, sims and battery and bury it in rice for a day or two....


    Is that a new "Curry Recipe?

    You'll both feel p*ssed off.


    off....on....what's the diff

    I think you should flush it , full of crap anyway!


    Just a thought Facebook theres money in Scrap or Crap .Good Manure for the Farmer.

    Yep! Dowsa! the cow can call each other crappy name!

    I think I'd flush it down. I wouldn't use a phone if it was in the toilet.


    The crocodile that lives in the sewer sure will appreciate another phone!

    "WHY . frighten of "Dirty calls.

    Check with your insurance...if you have any on it. Some cover things like that happening.


    You should really consider not sending pictures of yourself using the toilet...and you wouldn't get yourself into these predicaments!

    talk about dirty pictures this takes the cake..

    Shootah. does Insurance "cover" Shitty phones .Do you send the phone on to them as it is for them to consider its Vaule?Does the staff get "Dirty Money? lol

    My phone fell in didn't work too well for a while but now it is fine.  But it is a rather simple's not a smart phone.


    Bet you are smarter after this mishap

    LOL- Yes...I no longer put it in shirt pockets! At least it wasn't toilet water.

    I'll go with jhharlan's answer.  The idea of sticking in some rice is to keep it dry.  Hence, I am sure the trick works.  If you're impatient, use a hair dryer, on low, every couple of hours or so.  Wait two days, then turn it back on.  Like Daren says, do NOT, power on immediately as the electrical current would immediately "fry" the phone.

    Lastly, don't forget to wipe the stinky stuff off the phone before using it again.




    This did not work for me . But then my cell phone was one of those with a crank on the side . Wishful thinking "maybe it will work again " LOL I don't think so !!! I went to camera shop and got some desiccators used in packing to keep out moisture ,made me feel good ,did not do a thing for the phone .Covered it with these things for two days in a sealed container . LOL Time for new phone . Harmonious out come unlikely here ,no new phone no talkie so sayeth Bluesmans crystal ball !!!!

    Can you still use the Rice for cooking ?"Oh to Wipe Can you use Toilet Paper?or a Blow Lamp to soften the Stinky Sticky stuff.Please help.

    @bluesman: the key words are sealed container. I don't think you'd have gotten the moisture out of the phone if you did everything right yet seal the container.

    @dowsa: You should make fried rice out of it and serve your least favorite neighbor dinner. Never let anything go to waste.
    PS: No need to thoroughly wash, either.

    Oops! (flushing sound) What phone?


    Gurgle gurgle Youv!e lost that Sinking feeling!

    Oh crap...that would really piss me off!


    "What Crapping pisses you off!His Battery is long "life As well "Ring Burp!"Hello Fishlet "Calling.

    Berate yourself for allowing this to happen.  Retrieve the phone and try one of the remedies offered.  Perhaps there is a recommendation in your owner's manual.
    Don't tell anyone else it fell in the TOILET, for crying out loud.  Just say WATER.


    "Shit I will say It is Water.HMM in the Sink ? no Hmm in the Drain out side No hmm I give in "Toilet!

    What kind of toilets are you flushing these phones down? Watch for clogs! lol

    You are brave soul indeed to admit this to the world !!!  The look on your face must have been priceless! Hope its not expensive to replace . Sorry for the bad luck !

    Stop storing your phone where the sun doesn’t shine.


    Yeah, 'cause like I said, oh crap that pisses ya' off. lol

    NOOKIE. You wont get your Nookie! Sorry Phone It will be out to sea by now ask Fishlet she may have it now.Making "Dirty calls we call it "Abusive Our little Fishy is great with words poet as well .See being a or eating Fish makes you "Brainy !.Like ME. (cough! )

    I washed mine in the washing machine and did all of the things above and the result was I bought a new phone never did work right again . Calls came in fine but no one could hear me talk . Sorry to be the bearer of bad news call it a life lesson and be smarter from here on . Buy new phone !          Bill

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