do catholics believe that anyone other than a catholic will not go to heaven?

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    I agree with Vinny as well.  This is what I was taught.

    When i get to heaven i'll ask one...?


    Good answer!

    Yours, is my favorite anwser! :) can I say..."me too"?

    @ padovenick you certainly may..!

    Very strict conservative Catholics believe that.  Crazy, huh.


    That is insane and NOT true by far... and a bit silly. catholics believe anyone has the right to heaven if they believe, regardless of religious affiliation.

    Yes Vinny many Catholics do believe just as you say. However, extremely strict conservative Catholics believe they (Catholics) are the only ones. Silly- YES. Naive- YES. Insaine- Absolutely!!!!

    No Doolittle, I will not buy that argument. I was brought up in a very strict catholic upbringing, in all my years, I have never heard this.. This is to say also that all catholic priests and Nuns would agree with you, this is totally wrong, in fact it was the most Pius priests and Nuns that taught us opposite of that. Catholics do not condemn anyone of any faith, although we have been called 'catlickers, mackerel snappers, etc by other religious faiths.

    Well Doo. Whoever it was that told you that doesn't know their ... from a hole in the ground.

    Someone once told me that Hitler was one of the greatest people who ever lived. Does that make it so ????

    It was two priests pioneer. I always thought it was BS. OK....

    Doo, I agree with Vinny. I too was brought up a very strict Catholic and never heard such nonsense.

    As I just responded...I always thought it was BS.....

    You seem to be concerned about what they may believe; why? What are your beliefs?

    I have no idea where you get this information, I am a Catholic I I know on no Catholic that believs this..  You have been bs'd perhaps by your own religious affiliation. We do not believe this. In the Catholic faith, regardless of your affiliation, if you believe in God, you play by the rules of your faith, you go to heaven.

    I would suggest that before you say things about anyone's beliefs, you check out your own first.. deal??


    I was raised a Catholic.

    Well doolittle, I don't know who did the raising but they raised you with the wrong idea of what the catholic Faith is all about. Your idea that any catholic thinks this way is totally, 100% wrong without reason for error. Matter of fact, when I was a kid growing up catholic and said something like that, I am sure the nuns would have sat me down and lectured me for a month, not to mention probably writ on the blackboard 500 times.. "Catholics do not hold the gates of heaven closed to anyone"
    And besides!! Who gave Catholics the keys to Heaven's Gate in the first place??? I don't recall in my teachings that heaven was only for catholics.. LOL

    WOOah- I didn't say any Catholic Hey I'm glad you were never taught that- I always thought It was BS. If the priests were still alive I'd chat with them now. Ok???

    Totally agree with you Vinny.I was taught the same thing.

    I gave up the Catholic Church over 40 years ago...I honestly don't care what they think!


    Nice of you to bring that to the discussion.. LOL

    Privileged bunch, I suppose.

    My Father is a devout Catholic and he has expressed to me unless I become a Catholic I will wind up in purgatory.


    Purgatory is not for 'non-catholics' Perhaps this is where the confusion lies.. Purgatory I believe is a catholic teaching, it is taught that those that were not baptized to abolish the sin of Adam that they would spend time in purgatory, then gain access to heaven. this little prison was made for Catholics as i understand it. And then I also may be confused with 'Limbo' which is another Catholic teaching.. For the record I would like to also say that I do not believe in any of this teachings, to me, religion is a state of mind. However, I will never denounce my Catholic upbringing as I believe it taught me morals, it taught me togetherness, compassion and many other qualities of life that the secular person never learns. IMO

    Leeroy. I was brought up a catholic and I never heard that expression.That is your fathers saying, not the Catholics Church,s believe,

    Yes, that's what he said. Of course he went to Catholic school as a child, so maybe that's where he got it? They do change or adjust what they believe in now and then, (The Catholic Church.)

    The family that used to live next door to me were strict catholics and we discussed it on numerous occasions. They said that the Holy See of Rome doesn't consider a church a valid church unless they have a communion with the holy see, but are refered to as ecclesiastical communities. But, they never said anything about non members not going to heaven..

    I totally agree with Vinnie. I was born and raised a catholic and it  never taught us that only catholics will go to heaven. That is a wrong perception.


    don't know, but maybe the church cut out that line of teaching...but I heard it as a child too. My 'elder' relatives weren't even allowed to have non-catholic friends,or dates.
    LDS are eerily similar in thier teachings. I left the church when I was 14; and almost got kicked out on the street!

    Doollittle is correct.

    I too was raised Roman Catholic.

    We were also taught that Catholics were the only ones  going to heaven, as you had to have been baptized in the Catholic faith to have the stain of original sin from Adam and Eve washed from your soul.

    Limbo was for the babies who never had the chance to be baptized before they died. Ergo, they never went to heaven.

    Purgatory was for those who had to be punished for the sins for which they had not atoned. It was for Catholics, because the rest weren't going to heaven, according to what we were taught.

    I'm with Shootah on this, I too left.

    I believe in God but not in organized religion.

    I do NOT believe these teachings that were pushed upon us as children, I am only clearing up some confusion about what some of us, Doolittle and myself included, were taught.



    Pope JP2 kissed the Koran and got "blessed" by several witch doctors, according to the new RCC leaders there are all kinds of ways into heaven. Don't know about the old teachings though, they tend to flip flop on some pretty serious issues...


    The catholic church embraces all religions of faith.The religion you belong to has some serious issues.Every new religion has added or subtracted teachings from the bible in order to to form theire own religions and beliefs.Cathlics do not go around bashing other religions like you do.

    You always vote me up, if you say I bash people why is this, just wondering :) how else do you think they are going to establish a one world religion? Has to be appealing to everyone on earth... The Vatican, being an exceedingly rich church and state has incredible influence over almost all Christianity. If you study the work the Jesuits have done since the reformation you will see that she (the RCC) has influenced every major Christian church, take Seventh Day Adventists for example. They were founded because they refused to keep the false Sabbath day that Rome forced on everyone, they were a strict, Bible reading group of born again Christians. Ellen White, founder of this Church declared that a Pope would be the antichrist (kinda like Martin Luther who called the Pope "an" antichrist) She believed that Sunday keeping would eventually be the mark. If you look at the SDA Church today you will see that they reject their founders teachings, embrace the Pope, embrace Islam, and some even worship on Sunday! Revelations 17:15, And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitutdes, and nations, and tongues. The Bible is clear that the whore of Babylon will deceive many and lead many far from the faith, this has been happening for a long time...

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