Has anyone Congratulated Robertgrist for clearing 100K?Congratulations Robertgrist!

    Hey Ho!  Way to Go!

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    I can see you really worked on this and Thank You Dear!



    Thank you and congratulations on your 300000+!

    Well done rg.

    KOTF Salutes you Sir.

    Another one joins the club.

    Congrats from Bonny Scotland !

    Way, way, way Cool! I thought you hit a long time ago....Welcome to the club and thank you for all of the TU's..................

    Congratulations Robertgrist.....well done!   :)

    Congratulation RG. Very well done and love your answers

    Quite an achievement, congratulations



    Hey I recognize those teeth! I see they have their party whites on ;D

     Way to go ,Robert. I miss the orange teeth.


    I like his new picture a lot better. He finally brushed his teeth! lol

    Am I ever!!!

    Way ta go Robert!!!!  100,000 highly informational replies--i think.. :)

    very well done, now keep on keepin' on!

    Good job Robert....enjoy reading your comments.


    I heard you've cleared 100ks. Great job!

    ""Keep up the awesome work!

    Congratulations Robertgrist!

    Awesome, Robertgrist! Great job! Congrats!

    It is clear, Robert, that both you and this gorgeous female athlete have cleared the bar.  She definitely is in a celebratory mood for, and wants to celebrate with,  you.  She thinks a 100K karma point guy  has what it takes to please her.    Congratulations!



    I do respond to emails forward via colleen. Thank you

    Kudos for joining the official akaQA elite club!!!

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's Great Rob!!! Congratulations keep up the thoughtful and caring answers. In rare cases, sometimes I think you answer them a little to p.c., but they are excellent and you have a good heart!

    Thank you for being an important part of the aka community!

    Who is Robert???? LOL.... Lots of Love Mr Orange Mouth!


    Hi Jenn Love to read your Q&As

    Congratulations Robert!!!


    Thank you dear. I studied the craft to seek our the lines of our cultural and belief origins. Fascinating in fact. Practiced even today in many belief systems. I look for value where it can be found and I know you are a prize.

    Congrats. Robert welcome to the 100Ks club --- well done mate. 

    Good Going robertgrist! Keep collecting!

    Well, if this isn't just the COOLEST BEANS ever, I don't know what is!  Well done, my man!


    Thanks love. Keeping track of your rambling ways all over the site makes my head spin. You sure do get around. XOXO

    Just trying to keep up with you, Robert!

    Well done robertgrist,enjoy reading your answers & comments,some of the best on this site,keep it up.

    Well done Robert, Congratulations.

    WHO........ Never heard of him. TU.

    Cool dude Robert!

    Well done Robert, you put your spare time to good use. Congratulations.

    Congradulations!! And may you have many more exciting interactions on akaqa!!!

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