what is your favourite name


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    Trystyn Renee
    Nora Rose

    elephant, titmouse, bug, and viper...and giraffe, tiger, .....OH, People names....Hmmm.

    Chantelle.......My sister beat me to it, and named her daughter Chantelle, so i settled for my next favourite name for my daughter, Natasha.

    I know a couple of sisters, their parents love the U.S,, their names which i love are KANSAS & DAKOTA. another two sisters i hung around with in the seventies were JO & TONI, their father loved the novel War and Peace, hence he named them, JOSEPHINE and ANTOINETTE.

    Mya, and caddam

    My favourite name is, Muriel.


    That is an awesome name, Dollybird; classic.

    My Maternal grandfather's name was Jakob Sylvestrio,My grandmother's name was Sofia.I have always thought they were quite impressive.

    Theresa my Mother.Josephine Wife Alister Son.

    I named my son "JOE" because I never met a bad one..............

    Obama! oh no not that one?? it ah hmmm let me think ? hmm Dunno! girl Sandra boy Johnny

    Marysia:  a name I made up for one of our twin girls by incorporating the name "Mary" into it.   It's pronounced   "ma RISH a".  My wife vetoed the name "Tiffany", the name I originally wanted, despite my numerous pleas to her.


    Tiffany, a nice feminine name, you can always call her TIFFANY as a pet name (nick name).


    Lisa, Sarah, and Christine for ladies names. John, Elijah, and Leeroy for the guys. I think it's important to look up the meaning of the names when naming a child.


    Very good point, leeroy. That was important for me when we chose names for our sons. One's name means "strong and manly" and one means "handsome and cheerful". The third one's name wasn't considered a first name in 1988....taking a cue from the child himself, I deduced HIS name meant, "from outer space". :D

    Lol, very funny Bob. One of my high school football coaches called me,"Orbiter." Not just because I was always orbiting around the ball, but because sometime I was just a little spaced out. lol.

    Forrest Gump

    i like Lyra for a girl & Louis for a boy.

    Ashley for girl,Tristan for boy.

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