Would smoking fake weed during my 1st month of pregnacy cause harm to the baby?

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    Just don't do it again... I was once told, "If you light it up and inhale, it is bad for you."  Take care of yourself and your baby.  Take your vitamins, eat healthy and go to the doctor regularly.  Your doctor will let you know if something isn't right... Chances are very high that if that is the only not so perfect thing that you did, your baby is fine.  Thank goodness it was fake... like catnip or oregano?

    Good luck with everything. 

    Was it that stuff that Demi Moore was smoking?


    I would love to know what Demi was smoking so i could tell my grandaughter, that way. t.y.

    It was incence but it knocked her senseless. I wish I could help you further.

    SMOKING ANYTHING including ordinary ciggarettes is no good for your unborn child, good luck with pregnancy.


    I will tell my family, no one can help us find out if our grand daughters pregnancy is in danger. PS All adults KNOW THAT, and we dont smoke. But this girl isnt an adult. Thanks anyway.

    YOU did say or imply that YOU are the one pregnant.
    Only a quallified doctor can answer your question for sure.

    Why on earth would you want to smoke anything? What's fake weed?


    Salvia or catnip... I hope it wasnt' that stuff that Demi Moore was smoking.

    It is now illegal to sell salvia plants in GA... We have some on the property. It is a shame because they are beautiful.

    Thats what i said to my 20 yr old grandaughter.

    Fishy is correct.  Get youself to your OBGYN! Take a pre-natal vitamin, eat a balanced diet, get some exercize-see your doc. if you don't ex.already and take walks, and get a copy of What to Expect When You are Expecting (available at libraries and 2nd hand sotres if you cant afford a new copy).  Good Luck and Congratulations!

    do a search on Mr. Smiley  fake  weed.  You can find facts about these fake weeds that have been banned in Indiana and Michigan

    Any kind of smoking will effect the baby..........

    Toxicologists have warned it may cause dangerous side effects, such as seizures, high blood pressure, perception disorders, nausea and vomiting.Often marketed as 'Intense Incense', nobody can really say what is in synthetic marijuana products.

    Forensic toxicologist Dr Francois Oosthuize told ninemsn the products, sold under brand names such as Kronic, were a "mash-up" of various unidentified plant materials sprayed with chemicals known as synthetic cannabinoids.

    The synthetic cannabinoids have similar psychological effects to marijuana but do not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the ingredient behind the drug's potency.

    Products containing these chemicals have been banned in several European countries and some parts of the USA, where people have reportedly died after consuming herbal mixtures containing similar chemicals.

    Putting anything in your body now will ultimately cause a reaction to your condition. Think before you do something stupid that you and your child will regret in years to come.

    Yes it could.  Let me guess , your about 18.  Learn from your mistake. Give your baby a chance at a good life.  Also, dont vote for obama.

    Perhaps your babys fake as well , smoke a real one and tell us ..

    Life isn't fair. Many women are "dying" to have a baby but can't, and would make good mothers. You come along with a question like this. What about harm to yourself? If it's harmful to you, don't you think it just might be harmful to the baby, or does the baby live outside of your body, and have a separate respiratory system from yours?

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