hey everyone look whose answering questions! Old Hipster! Welcome back!!

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    ole hipster

    thanks so much for the warm welcome!

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    Thank you for your welcome....does this old heart good!...have missed you issues have kept me away but I have thought  of and missed all of you.....peace and love to all!!


    we've missed you so glad you are here!

    We have missed you! Welcome back!

    Hey lady.... So hapPy to see you... Lots of love.

    Ole hipster...hope you're healthy now and welcome back!    :)

    I hope you are feeling much better.  So great to see your little star face!

    My god just seconds before i logged on i was just thinking about her....WOW

    Nice to hear you doing well.


    Glad you,re back, it,s been a while,I barely know you.



    It's good to know she's here, I know I've missed her.........

    Loved and missed,a big welcome back,glad too hear you are feeling better,we've all been thinking about you...

    Glad you are feeling better , welcome back. ol' hipster.

    hipster hipster hipster -oohrah

    It is wonderful to "hear" all your answers! you are all special people in my heart...I will check in as often as I can......but, for now I must to all....(:


    Rest well Darlin.

    Hey how you doin ? Glad to hear from you, hope you are well.

    Wow ! welcome back Ole hipter! didn't think you were coming back, so nice too hear from you again!! get lot of rest ,we don't want too loose you again.LOL.

    Glad you were able to "hobble" back to us.

    Look forward to you comments.



    i am leaving now....myi............

    I was worried about you. I know you havent been well for quite a while. Its so good to hear from you and I hope you feel better. Check in whenever you feel up to it. Lots of love to you, Ann

    COOLEST BEANS EVER!!  Hope you are back for good, Ole Hipster!  Missed you!!   xoxoxo

    Welcome home..your akaQA family missed you! Rest up! Feel better! and visit often! 

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