how do we kill zombies

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    Zombies eat brains... make sure you keep the brains away ... it takes about a week and a half as zombies are on a low fat diet (obviously) , therefore, not a lot of body fat... They shrink pretty quickly.  If you substitute brains for Birchwood Dairy, black cherry yogurt you can speed up the process by about two days.  The combination of probiotics and black cherries does a number on their internal organs.


    Does it have to be probiotic?
    Can you use red cherries?
    Speedy answer please they,re banging on my door.

    It must be Probiotic yogurt and black cherries specifically... The Birchwood Dairy brand is the best becuase of the yogurt/black cherry ratio.

    Oh!... I almost forgot... Make sure you are wearing a well fitted safety helmet when dealing with zombies. They don't do well with snaps and buckles. Totally confuses them.

    Fish, they eat brains ? What a relief.

    I know! Right?!

    I drank 3 and they almost killed me !


    Wrong zombie! haha

    Ask them "How do you like your stake?"

    This applies to vampires as well.

    No reason to kill them their harmless..


    daren, how about we give them names of ex's and enemies then GO HUNTING ! Get even without hurting anybody.

    Save yourselves...have it written into the script toward the end of the movie, just before the part where the sun begins to shine on a new day!

    "WHY!! Our MODS are good to us??

    I could never understand why in movies they just don't shoot them in the head, if you blow off their heads they can't eat your brains! simple as that!  Of course, if they shoot all the zombies in the head the movie will be over. Not much fun...Zombies with no heads are not much of a threat to the living.  If I saw 25 headless zombies coming at me, I would just laugh and find another movie to watch.  Maybe one with vampires.  Of course, same applies there, shoot a vampire in the head they can't bite you in the neck.

    Hollywood needs new monsters that have indestructible heads.   I think terminator came the closest, he just grew a new head, but then again, he didn't need his head anyway.. Movies are so confusing.. LOL

    We don't kill them, they kill us!

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