The Center for Tax Justice reported that G.E. (General Electric) made 81 billion in the last 10 years. They paid 2.3 % taxes, not the 35% corporate rate, Also got back 2.7 billion dollar rebate from the government. What do you think about that?

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    Too many loopholes for giant corporations. This administration is depended on big corporations like GE to get reelected.Totally wrong and sleazy.

    Nice benefit if you can get it .

    Ann is absolutely right. When you have accountants that know the tax system they will not pay much taxes. Its that simple. The best way to collect taxes is a flat tax on earnings. Better yet, change the tax system from income tax to consumption tax. A tax on everything  you buy . Make businesses pay every employee health care and social security as well.  Then business will pay no taxes on income.. Then people will take home 100 percent of earnings.

    The big boys club is alive and well and watching out for each other. Most decent people would call this stealing, they call it business as usual and push it in our faces.  Thank goodness for we little people who pay taxes and don't get any breaks or else the big boys would miss us, for then they would have to pay.  Imagine how scared they would be if they had to work the system as we do. I for one would like to have a front row for that show! I'll be the one with the popcorn, shall I save a seat for you?

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