how do you know if a man is interesting to you

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    Why don't you try and get to know him a bit more?If he is smiling at you it could be a sign that he is interested, next time he smiles at you start up a conversation and see where it goes from there.

     Be nice  in a casual way with him, but dont make it look like your throwing yourself at him. When he smiles at you, smile back. This way he will know your friendly, and he wont be afraid to approach you, if he wants to ask you out.                                                                                                                                                               

    I doesn't sound like he is interested in you if your conversations go nowhere.  He could just be a flirty guy....

    He may be very un-interesting if he doesn't say a word.

    ... I am trying to catch up with all of your little comments Kima.  I am not quite sure what the "No" is for.


    but is he interesting..because that was the Q.

    He is flirty, interesting and has a very active eyebrow.

    Only you can answer that!


    we are in the same class but evry time he see me he smile and move his eyebrown i don't know if he is interested or not

    Let him know up front that there will be no sex wile dating and see if he gives you any trouble or just never calls. Then you will know if he likes you or your body.


    he didn't ask me out he didnt say nothing
    Headless Man

    Be your best and be nice to him and everyone you meet, grin at him when you see him and if he's interested he will talk to you and see what happens, if not move on some boy is looking at you thinking the same thing.

    i always do and try to get conversation with him but no result
    Headless Man

    Move on.......

    If he remembers what you talked about and asks what happened with that problem of yours. I've noticed the women that I've really been interested in, that I remember much more of the conversation.

    We men aren't really talkers usually like the lady folk. So if you have great conversations with him and he remembers them, that's usually a good sign. You can test him by asking him,"Do you remember me telling you about my cat." Let him fill in the rest of the sentence, "Yes is he still pulling the whole roll of toilet paper off and messing up your house." That's a good test.

    Hope this helps?

    I can't keep my eye off of you !  Hello Baby ! wont you be my little sweeties pie tonight? Oh ! please don't say no !


    How gross. Jail Bait.

    Now who's being judgmental.

    Why beat around the bush just ask, you might be pleasantly surprised...





    no to what?

    You don't sound like a very nice person....trying to start up a relationship  when you have someone trusting you to be faithful to that relationship.  IF he is interested in you and you start sneaking around with him, I can pretty much guarantee he will be seeing someone else behind YOUR back. 
    ....and you will totally deserve that.  

    You could open with a question like, “ Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?" 

    he remember the conversation we have toguether but what can i do to let him aske me out or saying something


    I thought you said that you are with somebody at the moment. You should break up with your somebody before you try to let him ask you out.
    This is very confusing.

    he knows I have some budy in my life


    If you have somebody in your life then ignore this man.
    If you are single then maybe this man will persue you. He could be a decent man... who knows... they are around.

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