what is the proper way to dispose of the koran

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    There are numerous schools of Islamic thinking and differences of opinion, but broadly speaking there are two preferable options.

    Muslims are advised to wrap a worn and unusable copy of the Koran in cloth and to bury it in such a way that people do not walk over the place where the Koran is buried. That would be considered disrespectful.

    The other option is to wrap the Koran and place it in a moving body of water, with some jurists advising that the Koran be tied to an object so that it sinks.

    Where these two options are not available, some scholars do argue that Muslims can burn a Koran.

    There is also the issue of religious literature and texts, which may not be Korans, but still carry the name of God and Koranic verses.

    Here some Islamic jurists advise that the name of God, his prophets and Koranic verses be erased before the pages are burned.


    Great and informative answer Colleen, thanks!

    Thank you!

    Donate it along with the other books you have no need for.  Someone else might need that book and then you have done a good thing.

    If it isn’t yours, leave it where you found it or return it to someone of that faith.  


    you are right, robertgrist, respect is every thing.



    Did you forget about me???

    Give it to Murray and his henchmen might help the Rangers.

    Donate it, give it to someone. Why ask for trouble by destroying it.

    What an apt question, how do you dispose of anything of value to the believers..........? Bibles, Korans, Flags (I know you burn a flag....)?


    That's what I thought but apparently thats not the answer.

    I'll ask around. I'll mark this as a "follow through" question....

    Be kind and take it to your local Mosque or give it to a Muslim person you know or see.

    Leave it in a Library

    Mail it to Saudi Arabia ,or give it to a Muslin.

    Pythonlover has the answer I agree most with; take it to a mosque.

    Bury it and have a candle light vigil..


    I think burial is the correct answer but why would anyone want to dispose of a Koran anyhow.....?

    Why dispose of it? It's only a book. Keep it for references. It may help you understand the people who believe in it one day.

    This is the first time I've ever been exposed to that question...and I didn't know the answer.

    donate it to a muslim friend, school, mosque or library

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