Do you believe you could be hypnotized?

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    Yes , 12 years ago i was hypnotized to quit smoking and it really works, "they" claim hypnosis has the hight success rate of all the quit smoking campaigns.


    Well done.

    That had no effect on my Mother. Good for you though. It finally took a good scare from her doctor years later to convince her to quit.

    I have been hypnotised, made a total arse of myself in front of 600 crew members in Hypnotists show on board our ship in the 1970s, I,ve avoided these shows ever since.

    Once bitten as they say.



    LOL...I bet you were reminded of that one a few times! Like 600 times!

    COZ you are still in a daze.

    I still get reminded of it.
    Especially the ballet dancing with just a Tu-Tu on.

    I don`t think I could fit into a tutu.

    Still could, not that I would of course!

    I think you should change your avatar to a pic of you in a tu tu!!


    Hate those shoes...yeah, whatever, your rainchecks are starting to build up. LOL

    From a tu tu to a skirt. I think you have a subconcious thing going on.

    Ye Ye Ye!!!!

    Probably. I am afraid I would would start talking in the Bohemian slang and nobody would  understand what I was saying.


    "What are you saying ANN you speak with "Fork tongue!! lol

    I have never been hypnotised so I don't know if it's possible for me.  It's a very odd thing to watch. I once saw a very quiet, reserved woman perform while hypnotized.  She was up on a stage dancing like a maniac and I spoke with her shortly afterwards.  She had no idea what I was talking about when I said, "Wow, I never realized you had such great moves on the dance floor"!


    Same here, to this day I don,t remember a thing.
    Seemingly I was on stage for forty minutes.
    I only know what I did from all the "lovely" comments of my shipmates.

    some of those people are actors and are planted in the audience, to make the hypnotist look good. It's for entertainment value

    She was a neighbor of mine...I knew her well!

    I have never been hipnotized and after reading Ed Shank's story I will avoid it like the plague.  How humiliating.


    Never read mine then?????

    I have never been hypnotised but I have seen "laymen" examples that put me in awe.

    One was a fellow soldier who would put the "spell' on another digger and tell him his body was a plank of wood.

    We would put his head on one bed and his legs on another then two of us sit on him and he remained straight.

    The weirdest was a young National Service Trainee that I was guard commander for.

    It was the middle of winter and this bloke would look into a mirror and tell himself he was going to sleep for 4 hrs then wake up refreshed and not feel the cold.

    He would wake up and do his 2 hr stint then back to sleep until next relief.

    The other diggers were wearing great coats but this one only had his Battle Dress, no great coat.


    "Awesome!! old cobber

    They say that the ultimate test to see if you can be hypnotized is to fall backwards into someone's arms, if you can do this, you can be hypnotized.....


    they do this at "team building seminars" I did however warn my colleagues not to trust me, I may just step aside!

    I must have done that "woke up in the "Wife's arms.

    we did that when we were kids, but I wouldn't trust anyone to catch me now. LOL

    Yes, you do have to be very trusting, open , and suggestible to be hypnotized

    Several have no avail.  Oh well, no tu-tu for me.


    Shoe breakdown, no phone.
    Rain check?

    Sure if she was a beautiful women and was head over heels in love with me.


    We all like to "Dream ED.I am still. (PS don't tell the "Wife )

    Would have never written that if I had a wife. Born in the morning but not this morning.

    Yes was hypnotized once.  I felt so relaxed afterward, but the odd thing is every time I heard the word coffee I clucked like a chicken.


    Coffee?? Coffee??

    Could have been "Worse .You if you clucked could have lying in a "Oven smelling nice!!

    yep, worked like a charm, I went because I was worried about smoking, still smoking, but not in the least concerned

    I have never been hypnotized or watched anyone who has. From time to time I've often been curious of it though.


    If you go to one of these shows be prepared.
    I never believed in it until then.

    Same here. If I hadn't personally known the "victim" I may not have ever believed it.

    Never tried to have myself hypnotized. But watched a woman (skeptic) be brought to orgasm without ever having a hand touch her body. After she awoke, she quickly excussed herself and went running into the bathroom. We did a great job containing our laughter.

    My experience has been that this is something no one should ever do or attempt to do. You could end up blowing someone away and not knowing why you did it, robbing a bank without remembering how, when, where, or why and nothing to show for it but jail time. Another maniac declaring their innocence amid incontrovertible evidence of their guilt. The human mind can be deceived and some talented people can control another with what seems to be complete authority. I consider such practices as evil.    


    Yes you are right robert.

    I've read that hynotism can never make a person do something that he wouldn't ordinarily something that goes against his value system

    Mycatsmom How many times have we been told a product is harmless only to discover later that was not true. Hypnosis is about directing personal will in ways they would not choose themselves, perhaps because they do not or cannot choose for themselves…this explains why we have a voice for God within us who respects our need for free will and can help if asked. But going at a problem through hypnosis is like finding a back alley black smith to rip out a “problem” that has been troubling you. Their seeming effectiveness can plague their victims for years and send a patient onto a cruel mission at their controllers whim.

    Yes, I am a naive and visual person.

    I have been hypnotized a couple of times.  What I remember is that I was aware of the noises around me (a window was open and I could hear birds)  
    I also remember one hypnotist telling me that I wouldn't be able to open my eyes and thinking he was going to be disappointed when I opened them.  I couldn't, though.  
    Both hypnotists told me that I wouldn't say or do anything under hypnosis that I wouldn't be willing to say or do outside of the hypnotic state.
    Makes me wonder a little about ROMOS!   :D 


    Smaller mind I suppose.

    I love you, ROMOS, tutu, kilt, or neither! :D

    I've never been hypnotized, never want to be, I believe it like " Robergrist" said it an evil practices.Never let someone else take over controlling your mind.

    I would never subject myself to hypnotization after seeing what a hypnotist could do with his subjects - really scarry.

    I tried it in the 80s,but it didn't work. I think I have too much sales resistance. I think you have to be a  person that's suggestable, which I'm not.

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