What causes memory loss ?

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    Causes of Memory Loss

    Aging: to a small degree memory becomes less efficient in older years. This is most likely a problem of recall rather than loss of memory – as if the filing system isn’t as efficient as it used to be. This is nothing to be concerned about and can be countered by leaving memos around or making lists. Exercise and a healthy diet can help brain function including memory.Dementia: all the dementias can lead to memory loss. It often comes packaged with other changes such as altered personality and intellectual decline. Quite a bit of long term memory is usually preserved.Epilepsy: seizures of all types can give rise to bouts of temporary memory loss often associated with some disorientation.Drugs: some drugs, benzodiazepines for example, can cause temporary memory disturbance as can anaesthetics.Alcohol: there are two ways in which alcohol can affect memory. In acute form – getting very drunk – the loss is temporary and often relates to what happened during the period of intoxication. In alcoholism vitamin B12 can become deficient. This vitamin is vital to proper functioning of the nervous system. The memory loss normally affects short term memory and can be permanent.Neurodegenerative disease: multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease may involve memory loss in addition to other features.Head injury: the loss is often temporary and retrograde, however more serious injury can produce permanent memory impairment.Stroke: again the degree of impairment varies according to the amount of damage caused. Nearly always occurs in conjunction with other types of neurological deficit such as paralysis or speech problems.Tumours: if a tumour occurs in a part of the brain involved in memory then impairment may occur. As with stroke there are often other signs or symptoms as well.Infections: will normally bring about inflammation of brain tissue and this involves swelling and consequent reduction of blood flow and possible damage to memory areas.Psychological causes: probably the most common reasons for memory impairment. Both anxiety and depression can do this. Worry about the memory loss can of course exacerbate the anxiety and lead to more memory problems.Therapeutic causes: in addition to drugs brain surgery and electroconvulsive therapy can result in memory loss.

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    Sometimes I think people forget because they aren't really paying attention to what is being said, done, et cetera.  

    age in general or brain dammage caused by other reasons


    Always the practical val eh?

    age doesn't necessarily cause memory loss

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    sometimes I think chemotherapy has caused  problems with short term memory. It really upsets me.


    It does, I still suffer from a bit of the short term stuff 7yrs on.

    I`m worried also that short term memory will always be there. Good luck with your health. Thanks. I think I am my own worst enemy,too much worry.

    Sometimes it's just genetic. Sometimes it's b/c you don't get enough mental and physical exersise. Some cases it's from drinking and / or smoking for years. They chemicals in cigarettes can harm every organ, including  your skin, your hair, your brains.......etc  Sometimes it's from a great loss......resulting in depression. Sometimes memory loss in an older person is caused by him / her losing his / her independence .......losing their ability to drive and to take care of themselves in their own home. They miss their home, as well as their independence. Sometimes poor vison and / or poor hearing can cause confusion and thus memory loss.

    Bad conscience.

    I have noticed that my diet affects how well I stay in task and solve problems. Brain function are aided by drugs such as Reminyl, that dilates the blood vessels in the brain. Crestor and other heart drugs  also seem beneficial. C-pap breathing aid machines improves energy, sleep and thinking ability. I work on these issues constantly checking cause and effect relations in mental acumen and overall health and stamina. I think we should all seek to live long and healthy as long as we can. If I could live healthy and active for 200 years or more I would. Eventually bodies fail but i’ll help it along as best I can to the end of its usefulness.

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