#3 is a boy!

    I stopped by to say HI to my eldest son, his girlfriend, and my 2 granddaughters this evening. Many of you know they are pregnant with #3 and their lifestyle is less than ideal.  
    They had an ultrasound Friday, and the one-on-the-way is a BOY.  As Benthere would say, Yippy!
    Just wanted to share the news with all of you.   Would appreciate good thoughts and prayers for this baby to be healthy. (Big sister will be 3 in May; Little sister will be 2 July 17th.  Baby brother's due date is July 16th).

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    Hope all goes well for them, and you. You sound as if you have most of the worry for them.


    Thank you sunnyB. I'm optimistic and have faith they'll be OK eventually

    Congrats on the new little one. Give them time, some of us just take a little longer to get a grip on reality.


    Don't we know it. Chances are, Dad won't be there for this birth. Hoping we are learning a lesson this time around.
    Thanks for being the one who "gets it".

    Best wishes to them all.......all five of them. Sure they'll find their feet as we all seem to eventually.


    CHAIN, thank you for the good wishes. They have so much potential! My son can't believe it.

    Congratulations! I will pray for you, them, & the 3 little ones. Keep your sprits up, trust in God, and pray. Miracles happen every day.


    Thank you, Nene43. How does the saying go..."I don't believe in miracle....I rely on them". God is good. I trust's the humans who are inconsistent.

    Hope all goes well for them, and you. You sound as if you have most of the worry for them.

    It should be like threes company over there 24/7 Good luck and best wishes.


    Thank you Ed1530! It would be a miracle come true if those two got their feet on the ground and made a home for themselves.

    Way cool, what super news...I'm partial to boys.  All the luck in the world!  Yours, JHH.................


    I'm partial to boys, too. :D

    boys are very mischeivious.

    Awesome wishes , good health and blessings to all..


    Thank you, daren1. Just what I praying for!!

    Thoughts and prayers to all of you!  I hope that everything improves...they have their hands full, that's for sure.


    Oh my, yes, Ducky. They have their hands full before you even put ONE child into the mix!

    Great news Bob your a happy woman now THREE" "Wow.


    Yes, my eldest has accomplished in 38 months what it his dad an me 42 months :D

    Your to "Slow" Bob lol

    prayers for a healthy baby boy,good for you.


    Thanks, jfoel! Now my son may learn to throw a football. We'll see.

    God bless the little one.and your whole family!


    Thank you so much, Ann, for your good wishes. :D

    Prayers and good wishes!


    Colon op, 8th March.
    Shit! If that,s appropriate!

    doolittle, thank you for your kind words. I'm really hoping he'll be healthy and "normal". :o

    Great news and all my best goes to you all, hope you enjoy a a happy and healthy grandson, congratulations


    Thank you, lambshank! I'll keep you posed!!


    Yippy!!! wish them all (and you too) health!



    Yahoo! Thanks valR.

    Good news Bob! God bless you's all and the new born, you'll never be alone again!


    Jazzed! Completely! Thanks, facebook! :D

    Best wishes and God bless all of you......congrats!!! :)


    wonderer, I'm glad you are still here! Thank you for the good thoughts! :D

    My congratulations for a healthy baby boy and an easy delivery for Mom. A little brother for two sisters to spoil, sounds yummy. My advice to Mama is, "Don't love him too much because he will grow up and leave you for a younger woman!". (Advive my Pediatrician gave me 33 years ago, and he was right!)  Blessings


    That is VERY good advice, witchway! Someone needed to tell me that 3 times!!!

    Nothing but good wishes to ALL the family, thanks for letting everyone share the good news.


    Thank YOU for being someone who will share the joy for us!

    July is my magical month... all good things happen in July and January... never February (month of doom and gloom).

    All the best for your little family Bob.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.


    Glad you stopped by this "question", friend.

    Why February (only if you wish to say)?

    I am too Bob.
    @Ducka... all bad things happen in February it seems for me and it's not a nice month weather wise. Poopy month!

    Best wishes for all of your family Bob, and congratulations on the newest member of your family!


    We still have a ways to go, Shootah (all the way til July); good thoughts til then, ok!?

    Just the most glorious news.  Baby girl is the best gift.  Congratulations to you family!


    We have two beautiful baby girls, Chiangmai. This one is the boy; he will have his hands full with those two! I can't wait!!!!

    How wonderful, a new baby boy! Best wishes to all! Hang in there ,Grandma!


    Absolutely! The door is open; we are moving back and forth through it. Can't ask for more than good vibes!

    i like to know,are you helping them and how



    I support their efforts to be clean and sober. I listen and hear, and ask questions to better understand.

    thanks, for answer i agree with you,money would not help,good luck to you

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