Friends cut off man's hand to claim $671K from insurance.....What do YOU think of this?




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    Was it the hand he wrote with?

    Doubt it somehow.


    muthta been the one he drank with.....I doubt it too........there ith thomething thinithter about all of thith....LOL

    I think when you are sitting around drinking with your friends and the subject comes up you should go home as quickly as possible and get new friends.

    When money is more important than your body parts you may want to go seek a psychologist.

    Hopefully the guy was right handed and they cut off his left hand, but it doesn't seem that they really thought this out to well.

    You know the old expression? A friend who would cut off your hand for you, is a friend indeed, lol.


    Ahh...a friend who was there when needed...can there be anything better in life? lol

    lol, so true Ducka!

    Great reply, leeroy.... I may add that one should "never cut off the hand that potentially feeds you." :)

    @Chiangmai, good addition! And you can lead a horse to water, but you can't count on him to cut off your hand. lol

    I find it truly weird that insurance companies insure body parts!


    Our friend and family hairdresser, manicurist, etc. has her hands insured for 1 million dollars.

    I honestly don't know how someone could do that to themself, or someone do it for him. But, there are people out there who do things like that. I know of a guy who cut two fingers off on two different occasions while working for two different employers. He was putting fingers between the lift hook and cables he was hooking up, and then hitting the up button on the remote control for indoor cranes he was operating at the time.

    It seems he was one of these people that would do just about anything to get out of work, as shortly before that, as shortly before that he caught the hook on a rail for an overhead trolley and put that out of commision. That's the way some people are I guess. 

    They sound like they are  just psychotic and the insurance company was crazy to pay them a dime!


    I don't think any of them was paid a dime. As a matter of fact, two of them are looking at up to 20 years in jail for trying to defraud the insurance company.

    I would be getting new friends . In fact if this is what having friends gets you ,perhaps I'll just forego having friends at all.  Bad idea friends ,no thanks .


    Dude- I would not define them as friends!!!!

    I agree no end to bad ideas it appears .

    Dont be like that bluesman, you never know when a friend will come in handy

    I'll salute to that, bluesman. Oops, I used the wrong hand.

    @ lewboy=that was sick! Funny but sick! LOL

    Did they all get an equal cut.


    ^this is the one!^

    Crazy! You wonder what people are thinking,

    They will have a hard time getting any more if this is the hand that signs the papers.

    Must have been made of gold for that amount!

    Dumb Stupid,  and I hope it hurts        A lot of HURT, Much pain,

    "" I have only have half a body. Do you think I could insure the rest of it?


    You have got to save that for Halloween, I have a nice big freezer for the old girl and she will have lots of company with all the dead meat I have stored in there already. How cadaverous of you dear,

    Wont be able to give him a hand anymore! anything for the love of money! They say money is the root of all evil, well it's not the money that evil but the love of it, more than a hand!

    Stupid is as stupid does

    Some folk will do anything for money….Can I cut off my Grandmother’s finger and collect any money for the proof. She is dead already, would that matter….ok her head she would mind bit. I can hear her laughing from here.

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