I bought a used car from a dealer with a as is warranty and it stop working the next day. Can I get my money back?

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    Even though your state does not have a lemon law, I'd presume that an implied warranty would have to be with the purchase, at least for the first 30 days or so when bought in the "as is" condition.  Also, if the car dealer does not cooperate and give you a replacement, plus cost of the paperwork to obtain the replacement, I'd definitely take him to court over this.

    Put everything in writing and have witnesses besides your relatives to create the time line of the mess you're going through.



    Contact your state's Attorney General's office and inquire of whether or not your state has a lemon law, and if it would supercede an "as is sales agreement."


    I have dealt with the state attorney general's office on fraud in the millions not impressed at all . The word worthless comes to mind . Good advice though it was the first place I went in person no less . I also went to the Governors office in person and only got the attention of security . They dont seem to care at least here .

    Sad ,my feeling is : As is means just that ! No time limit s no exceptions AS IS . I would follow the advice of both shootah and chiangmai hoping I dont know what I speak of . Too be fair cars are so very complex these days how could anyone be responsible for all that could go wrong with a car . I very much hope I am wrong ! I understand business, and they do this because they can ,simple as that .   You are entitled to get it repaired and sue for the cost . Tell the story to the judge . Ask yourself what Judge Judy would say and go forward .                Bill

    Although it shouldn't make any differance, the price of the vehicle is something to consider should you decide to persue this in a court. States have different laws on this issue.

    In Australia you have a statuary warranty by law that the product must work as expected for 30 days.

    You can sign what you likes as far as "as is" but the statuary law outweighs the "as is" document.

    You can in Australia apply to the small Claims court for goods up to $10,000 at no cost to the  claiment win loose or draw.


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