is being a clingy boyfriend bad???

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    Why are you clingy?  Describe 'clingy'...because I know what I feel is "clingy' in a relationship...but you might define it differently.  I guess what matters is she thinks you are clingy.  

    clingy can be fear based- you are afraid she will cheat on you or leave you for another guy. 

    clingy can be based on 'faulty thinking' and emotions- I will die with out her.  She likes her friends more than me.  We are supposed to want to be with each other all of the time.  We have to be together all of the time.

    It can also be based on power and control- you don't want her to be with other friends so you try to stop her.  You want her to depend on you and much as you do on her for love, security, hapiness,etc. (the last sentence also falls into false thinking).

    Here is something to sincerely read and think about.  In any relationship, even marriage, you will never be "happy" if you depend on your partner to do and be 'everything'...Happiness is an inside job.  You choose to be happy with a situation or un-happy with a situation. You choose to be happy with who a person is and what that person does. You choose to trust or not trust. etc.  Check your thinking and your motives... a lot.  Emotions "happy, etc" shouldn't guide your thinking, it should be the other way around.



    Well said !!! I can think of only one word :Suffocating sums it up for me .

    The clingy person is insecure, incomplete, only part of a whole person.  They usually don't give much  to a relationship they mostly take from it

    A Clingy person usually end up acting desperate and weak, which they are.


    Very good!! Also a clingy or possessive person is a person that doesn't trust themselves, or have been in a bad situation before, either they got bit or they did the biting. They don't trust you nor do they trust themselves..

    10/4 Mr V

    ^ 5, Vin

    Yes and being a clingy girlfriend is also bad!

    Being a clingy anything is bad, especially balls of fluff

    YO C-dawg, It's the easiest way to push a woman away! You have to learn to be more secure with yourself. Affectionate is good, caring is great, but clingy is definitely not good. Once you're more secure with yourself, you'll understand that if it doesn't work out there are many more fishlets in the sea... That confidence actually will attract even more women to you. Good luck, and go out there and get some confidence!


    Great answer to an inexperienced, leeroy. You may have assisted someones life immeasurably and perhaps weren't even aware! Great job!

    Thanks so much michmar, you made my day!

    It is a symptom of incomplete emotional maturity, that's not a verdict.

    So just be yourself and continue to grow. Have fun and be responsible.

    You might dare to search the term, 'separation anxiety' when you get some time away.

    yes`  for they can appear desperate`

    if you Love someone set them free if they come back they are yours`

    if they don't they want to be alone`


    Only if your gf doesn't like really depends on each relationship how much time people want/need together. 

    Yee Gads! Lord save me from a clingy boyfriend.............

    Where and how does he cling? 

    Here they call that person a "PUNK".

    I would feel like I am being smothered. It is not a positive thing. People need to try to be their own selves.

    Clingy as in touching all the time to establish your turf, territorial when others are around, or afraid to let her out of your sight because you don't trust her?  Kinda thinking that if you are out of sight, you'll be out of mind, or that you aren't "good enough" for her?  
    None of those sound like good reasons to cling.  Pity the both of you. 

    Just don't be overly super- controlling. That leads to a bad scene

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