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    why the goverment not care about poor people ?

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     This not only happens with, Obama, same here in Ireland, everyone at the top, looking to line their own pockets.


    In Aus too

    Not only a good answer but 100% right all politicians look after number one then the rich, the man/woman who put them there last.

    Could not have said it better myself lewboy

    If you expect any government to get you out of poverty you will die poor...

    They are selfish and greedy`care only of themselves and money.

    Obamacare..another four years of repression..

    Because they only care about "themselves! !

    They are too occupied lining their own pockets, people are being put off work here, companies are closing and going off shore, everyone is hurting financially, but they did manage a hefty pay rise for themselves! as the saying goes, the rich get richer etc

    I'm not siding with the government by any means, and I don't know your circumstances, but I just need to ask:  What do you want the government to do for you?
    Do you want food, shelter, cash for necessities, medical care?
    Do you want your children to have breakfasts and lunches provided for them at schools where they are met by armed security and drug/weapon sniffing dogs, and given pull-out instruction to close the gap between them and their "on-grade-level" peers ( few there may be anymore,)?  

    Or do you want an education, job-training, and assistance in finding  stable, well-compensated employment so that you  can support yourself and your family?

    Just wondering.  Our government throws fish at people.  I would prefer being given a pole and some gear, and being taught how to fish. 



    Not quite the way I heard it. I thought my point was obvious. Apparently not.

    Almost half of Americans live in poverty. Its a national shame. Most peoples wages remain flat, while our productivity has grown 80 % since 1980.

    Most Americans are not poor because they made bad choices, most Americans are poor because they cant find work in an economy in a recession. The 2008 recession destroyed jobs. Industries have outsourced to cheaper labor overseas and people in the US. are victims of that condition and need to be acknowledged as such.

    The Obama Adminitration has done very little to adress that mounting problem, they seem to make promises that they cant keep.


    We address the rich wealthy and the congress people in high authority and blame them for all the uneducated bums and lazy drug addict and all these parasite,wild other honest hard working try to keep up with the rest of society , We got too remember our population is growing at an alarming rate,wild our resource are depleting in our world, We are going on a downhill side, if we don't come up with a solution soon ,It won't matter who rich or poor.We don't like to talk about war,but remember if we hadn't spend all this money on war machine,boats,gun, plane, jet,and so on.There be enough money and resource for everybody on this planet.

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