What type of vehicle do you prefer driving, or meets your needs best?

    Car, pick up truck, SUV, van.

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    I like the control of a standard drive but then, I don't drive anymore.  ANY vehicle would suit me.......


    After driving larger trucks with all the shifting they require, I enjoy the comfort of an automatic.

    I like auto's for town,drove trucks too but still prefer manuals.

    I drive both an F-150 and a Mustang.  I like them both for different reasons.  I bought the truck for my very large dog... He passed away but I still have the truck.  It is incredibly reliable.

    ed shank

    I love ford trucks the F150 especially. It was a monster on gas though. I got a good deal on an older Chevy pick-up so that's what I'm usually in now.

    Stay for your fans !

    1967 shelby convertable


    Nice vehicle!


    SUV, as it functions somewhat like a truck, and it keeps my tools out of weather better than a truck cap. I also like four wheel drive for off-road and snow.

    I always loved my pick-ups. (Wife will not drive in one) Depends on where were going. Out to dinner, the Benz. The need to haul ass, the ragtop mustang.

    My Mother-in-laws "Broomstick Fuelled by her "Tongue!! cheep at the price!! 


    I take it she doesn't use this site !

    "If she did "She would be up for "Murder!! "Mine!

    Handy for the shopping trips...


    terryfossil 1

    You still on P plates Mate..???????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    country bumpkin

    We must invest!

    If i had my choice i'd be driving a 2012 Cadillac Escalade, but between now and then i'm happy with my 2002 Buick Custom..

    I have always had a pickup in one form or another because of my work.We call them UTES by the way,that's short for utility vehicle.

    I have also done many,many miles in very large trucks & it's nice to relax with an automatic rather than punching gears for a change.

    I drive 4wd, CRV, comfortable, handles our very poor country roads, easy to park and I can drive along the beach, I'm quit happy with it, did have a Mazda, too small I gave it to hubby, his travel to work doesn't involve the really rough country roads

    Any 4X4 diesel will do me fine..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..Image result for 4X4 holden jackaroo photos

    I love going  in my Donkey and car,along country roads, especially when weather is nice. Stop by a couple of Pubs, have some drinks, mmmm  Does not matter if I get drunk or not,  My  Donkey knows the way home, Now, what car, posh or other wise, can do that!!. Roll on the summer.Lol

    I prefer train travel if required regularly over distance and bicycles if under 10 miles. Automobile travel cold be eliminated as far as I am concerned although I drive one locally. I love the ocean and travel by sail boat provided the gear is well maintained and the hull is solid. Hobie catamaran is a nice way to get around in inland open water. Ship travel can be great on ships over 300 feet in length in good weather. 


    Air travel via commercial passenger plane is something I prefer to avoid.

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