The Bible:true or false ?

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    Subject for a doctoral thesis.

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    There is not a person on earth who can answer your question, they can ONLY express a opinion as there is no evidence to support the bible stories>

    I read the bible because it gives me guidelines for living a better life. I know it was written by man and wether all of it is entirely true, I dont know. It is the same thing when people ask "Is there a god? We cant entirely prove that either but people who dont believe there is a god cant prove that there is no god either.

    It's faith, I do not believe true or false applies.


    Thank you for this answer!!! :)

    The bible is a guide. There is no fact or fiction involved here.............

    Whether it's true or false, it's all up to you, the believer.  There are quite a few contradictions between the Old and the New Testaments.  In fact, there are contradictions between books within the Old Testaments.  (One example that I went into detail months ago with sections of the Bible condemning infidelity, yet King Solomon was glorified to have hundreds of wives and concubines.)    The point here is that faith requires that you take the whole Bible in its entirety not just verses here and there to determine its accuracy.

    Judge for yourself:


    Parts of the Bible are completely "backed-up" by History... Parts are in debate... Most is a matter of what you believe.

    Noah and His Son's were the first Doolittles....we have a long, long, long family line.  However, you are just going to have to believe me that We Can Talk to animals and they can Talk to us!!!!

    Everything is relative: true for believers, false for nonbelievers.

    I believe it is... I view at as a historical document. . 

    True.  and respectfully disagree with peoplelove...Many of the prophesies of the bible came to fruition.  If those bible prophesies were a scientic theory, tests would be performed to prove or disprove them, (this was done); and then the test of time itself would either appoint them valid or rend them nonvalid, and few people would ever know they exsisted in the first place.  Since the Bible has been proven truthful, time and time again, and has remained a source of truth for millinia;  how can we with any intellect, holding faith aside for the sake of converstion, say that the Bible is anything but-Truth?


    "Many of the prophesies of the bible came to fruition."

    We hear this a lot. Please list them. The clear and precise ones that list dates and times as to when the prophecy would be fulfilled, then actually happen. I've seen some posted but they are unclear and questionable if the event they are applied to is the actual event in the prophecies. Anyone can see anything if they truly want to and look hard enough.

    "Since the Bible has been proven truthful, time and time again"

    By who? I watched a science documentary one night that obliterated many of the stories in the bible because time frames and customs of the times did not match up with the stories. They clearly showed through evidence that the stories could not possibly have happened as told.

    True! Have a Wonderful Day!!!!!!!

    The Bible is a matter of faith.  For me it's a book that's been on the bestseller's list for a very long time.

    False, but it's not quite that simple. The bible is meant to be a guide in the ordering of your life. It codifies morality, and sets up a system of ethics, admittedly, some are archaic and severe, but they are a matter of the time they were written. However, the fantastic aspects of the bible, the after-life, God, miracles, are so much wishful thinking.

    FALSE !

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