What causes splits in your fingernails?

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    Excessive Exposure to Water and Detergents: This is one of the major causes of fingernail splitting. Take precautionary measures whenever you have to expose your hands to strong detergents. Use gloves as much as possible in scenarios, specially like washing, cleaning and gardening. Do not keep your hand soaked in water for a long time. It is huge invitation to infections and all sorts of unwanted things!

    Inordinate Usage of Nail Polish Remover: Dehydration of nails can result because of undue usage of nail polish remover. The oil between the layers of nail fiber is absorbed by the fingernail polish remover, resulting in peeling and splitting. If you have to compulsorily use it, moisturize your nails after you have applied a nail polish remover.

    Inadequate and Wrong Care: A wrong type of nail file or wrong method of filing is another cause of damaged fingernails. Whenever you file, file from the edge towards the center or at least in a single direction. Avoid filing back and forth. Let the nails grow a couple of millimeters before you start filing them. Instead of a metal file, use a grit emery board.

    Easy. It's angry gods who hate you. Just ask my broken, split and ribbed nails..............

    Eat jell-o, Wax your nails and buff a little. Band-aid shear strip bandages on your fingers most of the time for a month will help the nail bed to thicken. With sheer strips in place lightly rub your finger on velour  for an hour each day to stimulate an electrostatic charge there.  Pythonlover is right on also.

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