Does anyone have any ideas as to where the former teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa might have been buried?

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    I know exactly where but if i told you i'd have to kill you, but i'll give you a hint it's home stadium to the latest superbowl champs

    He is travelling the West Coast Trail at the moment... He became a health nut and he love love loves Kayaking.  Last month he was survival training in Nothern Ontario.

    This is Canada.  We let anyone in!

    He is not dead. He hangs out with Elvis, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia and a few others.  This is why they never found his body.  Some, who believe he died think he was buried in the area where the Madowlands, NJ sports complex is.


    The Met Life stadium- located in the Meadowsland, NJ sports complex.

    Didn't read your post throughly but the medowlands is the buzz as his tomb site, but god only really knows..

    daren- he's not dead!!!!

    Ask Anthony Giacalone  and Anthony Proverizario, he had a meeting with them, never to been seen again.Maybe taking a concert nap.

    Never misses a game where he is..


    I think he might have a season pass.

    He's under a lot of asphalt.........

    ...and who ever said he was buried by the way? He could be fish poop by now.......

    Probably swimming with the fishes or fishlets. They gave him a nice pair of  cement boots and introduced him to the intracoastal.

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