I am hearing rumours that ex Beatle John Lennon is alive,are there any truth to these wild rumours?

    Hey! Ya all I just saw John Lennon in person with his new Beatle Band 1964 The Tribute back in October of last year at The Topeka Performing Arts Center. But to bad for John & the others in the band Fred Phelps & his group who were there to protest the band being in town. Gee! I wonder if it was because of John's remarks on Christianity in 1966? Cheers:

    C.V. Berndt

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    I heard he was hanging out with Elvis.

    Hanging out with Elvis and Jim Morrison... having tea and Kabasa... at the moment.  I just phoned and they are all doing very well.  John thanks you for your concern.


    Yes, Jim was one of the 'few entertainers" I mentioned above!

    He'll be by for tea soon Fishie! Tally Ho! :D

    Shootah is correct! Elvis and John are pals! They also enjoy the company of Jimmy Hoffa and a few entertainers who were though to have died.  They are very nice to animals!  I have met with them in an undisclosed location- they are all well.  Elvis has lost weight.  Jerry Garcia has his diabetes under control.  Jimmy Hoffa still laughs at how he was able to sneak away.


    Elvis is looking darned good these days!

    I am so happy that Jerry has his diabetes under control. I was a bit concerned. Thanks Doo. Always a wealth of information.

    I think that I saw all of you at Burger King, didn't I?


    Yes i just saw him at the 7/11 in downtown Boston..



    Yes...he just popped by on his way to see you!!!I snapped this as proof!!""



    I heard he wants to join The Travelling Wilburys with George and Roy, they are  just waiting for Tom and Bob.

    Strawberry Fields Forever!

    He is in Brisbane Australia visiting long lost Relatives writing a new album with his new lady Okoy


    Are you putting me on?

    John Lennon, George Harrison, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Heath Leger, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Whitney Houston and all other entertainers who died too soon will live in our heart's forever. 


    Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Marc Bolan, and Amy Winehouse.
    Micheal Jackson... sorry. He was gone gone gone way before he died.

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