3 weeks no smoking!!!!! Anyone got a cigarette? LOL!

    Just kidding!

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    Get yourself a GIRL and go to the GYM Woman!!!!!!!
    lol lol lol

    I almost peed my pants!! LOL

    For real..... What was that about????

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    I, myself, have been wondering about you...If you can do it, maybe I can, too.  How're you hanging?


    I Am really doing pretty good... I was angry for about 4 days.. But after that my mood was stabilized... However I always want to grab a smoke... I guess it will get better.. But hey I am not having the migraines I was.. So that is a plus. (I did have some depression, kinda didnt know what to do with myself).

    Thanks for the fair warning. Maybe I'll give it a shot. You are an inspiration........

    Yeah for you Jenn!! I'm still off!   Trying to not be by people who smoke helps!  My work puts next to smokers all day so it's hard! But already I  can smell smoke on their clothes and breath too well! Hang tight!!

    your doing well, I hope to try (again) myself, I think you need to reward yourself

    You should be near that stage where you wake up from a dream in which you were smoking .... and thinking, Thank God ..... It was only a dream! Good for you Jenn!

    Hang tough Jenn you'r over the hump now....

    Good girl, Jenn. I am very proud of you!

    Just keep resisting it takes time you are doing great.

    Yield not to temptation. Even this canine cannot resist a puff.



    Congratulations! Keep up the good work. Very proud of you girl.

    Congratulations!  Your mouth will not smell like an ashtray anymore :) A former smoker advice: DON'T EVER REWARD YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE WITH A CIGARETTE OR EVEN LESS!

    Hey Jenn is that a halo or a ring of smoke, congratulations so far.

    Good on ya Jenn, your sense of smell would have improved immensely, proud of you,setting an example for the smokers on this site, me included.

    How did you quit? This is great News!!!!!!! Keep it up!!


    Just stopped...

    Good for you Jenn,keep going we are all very proud of you...

    you dont need cigarettes try and get yourself a girl stop smoking and go to the gym more



    No kidding...Congratulations on your trek so far....!

    Nice goin kiddo. Watch your weight.


    Well that hurts a little.. LOL
    ed shank

    People generally gain weight when they've quit. I put on 15 LBS. Even though I still sneek a few a day.

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