What would your diary entry for today be?

    Dear Diary, Today........   

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    Dear Diary- I am so thankful I didn't have you during my marriage before my separation! (because they could have pulled it into the case and I like to be honest about my feelings)!  Today was beautiful out side! Thank You God!  In my "old" town it was close to 70deg.F in the sun!  The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue with some nice clumps of clouds(Umbriel prob knows what they are called).  Any way my spouse's lawyer held a deposition...and 'the evil one" was there- he got very red in the face and had that funny eye thing going on.  My lawyer said I did well.  I hope so!  I find all of this divorce thing very unsettling.  I spoke to the fly on the wall after the deposition and She said that "You done good- his lawyer very frustrated with you- good sign".  After the deposition I sent time with a friend from that town and was told I looked good and finally I was smiling and being funny.  That was nice too.  Well that's enough. Toodles

    Dear Diary, Today I went shopping to our local supermarket and wore a wintercoat, hat and boots. When I got out of the car, the sun was shining ang people wore light coats , no boots and no hats and it was 42 degrees. I was so embarrased. ( I want to mention where I live its much colder near the water and I am surrounded by woods, with just filtered sunshine in the afternoon)


    But had it started to cloud over and get dreary, YOU were ready! Sounds like a beautiful spot where you live, Ann!

    Yes it is.I feel so connected with nature and animals. Its the closed to heaven you can get.

    Dear Diary.....Today i was looking after my mothers dog,i left him at home with my dog while i went shopping, returning 2 hours later i walked in to my house to find a full 2 seater lounge suite ripped to pieces, sponge and vinyl all over the floor."What a mess".


    Well, at least the dogs had fun.
    Sorry for laughing, I know the feeling!

    This actually happened to my mother when a boyfriend of mine gave our family dog a bone... he buried it in the couch. My mother never liked that boyfriend.

    Oh, dear. I'm so sorry to read this. Quick work, destruction. I hope you can replace them soon. :{

    They had a wonderful time tearing the lounge suite apart! Dogs do not understand the concept of $. However, I do. I'd probably laugh me arse off and then be stinking mad!

    I left my daughters dog in my lounge room for about 1 hour, she ate through $8000.00 worth of doors, I was so upset all I could do was laugh!

    Lambshank.... I don't feel as bad now after reading about your loss, i had a quote today to re-upholster the sofa $1,200.I blame myself, not the dog, i should not have left them unattended.

    Dear Diary, today I'm flat broke and out of smokes. Maybe I'll call Jenny and borrow some bucks.......


    Hope she,s a good friend?

    She's my sister, I can trade her some Xanax......

    Our lives are just too exciting, aren't they!

    I broke a nail, did I write you that......?
    Headless Man

    Then smokes aren't good for you.............

    I tried smoking tea once....doesn't work, but I too was out of smokes and thought tobacco leaf?tea leaf,? should work, took a month for the blister to heal on my nose after I had rolled it in the sticky bit of an envelope before I "LIT UP?

    Dear diary went to look for a job again today and found nothing, god willing tomorrow will be a bit more fruitful.


    Hope the next entry reports success!
    Headless Man

    Good luck........

    God does indeed work in mysterious ways, now i got two job offers in two days, which one do i take ?

    get a second interview with both and ask about pay and benefits (to make a good fit both you and the employer need to be satisfied!)

    God indeed works in the mysterious ways behind the scenes. If one door closes, another door will open for you. HE doesn't forget to take care his own. Good luck, Daren.

    COOL BEANS! 2 OFFERS. Please provide another diary entry so we know what you decide to do!

    daren, what do you do,or should I say what sort of job are you looking for?

    Dear diary, Why have I spent way too much time on AKA again today.................HELP


    Dear One who's head is in his hand- It happens. Though you may have differences you know that you are cared about by other AKAers!

    You weren't supposed to COPY MY entry! LOL

    I used to diary daily. Several years ago my huband read it. There was some intimate stuff in it  about another. He confronted me 2 wks. later,I never wrote in a diary again.


    Don't blame you. One time I got into something I shouldn't have and it was devastating.

    I agree with you.

    Dear I woke up again on the right side of the grass, it's not sunny down here but it is on the other side of the clouds. Another bill has been added to my account but thankfully I can enjoy this hot coffee and turn on the lights, so the payment seems not as irritating as it should. I am off to work today but it's nice to be making money so I "can" spend it.My son was acting like quite the grumpy princess this morning which almost created an argument but just as he walked out the door he turned and said"Love you mom" lucky am I? 


    How those words make everything OK. Same with me.

    Welcome back mom, good to see you here again! We miss you.

    Dear Diary,  Today I have decided to turn you into a day timer.... the last one is full and I haven't replaced it yet.  I hope you don't mind...



    Dear Fishlet, As long as you take care of me, it's all good. Love, Diary

    Dear Diary: Today I bit my tongue (again). It's not worth fighting about ..... Sincerely, Your non-confrontational friend.


    Sigh. I know the feeling....even when it IS worth fighting about, it's not worth the tension. :{

    ...Today is my day off, I worked hard at succeeding in nothing. That is all.


    You worked hard at something GOOD. you just don't know it yet. You sowed the good seed; someone someday will reap it and be thankful for your hard work. Now that's rewarding.

    Ditto: pej

    Wow!! I did that???

    Dear Diary, Why am I sleeping so much.. I felt so much better about life yesterday, when I got out of this house. Maybe I should go to bed earlier. 


    hope your o.k jenn, maybe you need to go out more often, even a walk

    I am recovering from pneumonia as well as I quit smoking and I feel a little lost... I think walking would be a great idea....

    Hope I didn't write a negative email to you? I was hoping on being encouraging, but you didn't reply. I didn't mean to be discouraging... if so I'm sorry about that...

    I did reply.. I dont know why it would not go through.. LOL Have been wondering why you have not written back.. LOL

    Today I took my friend to the VA Hospital, he's very sick with prostate and bone cancer. He wasn't able to eat much for the past few days and was vomiting what he tried to eat or drink. The horrible thing about today for him was he couldn't get his biopsy done because they wanted to treat his back because it's causing him such horrible pain. Thus his cancer treatment will have to wait maybe another week while he gets sicker by the day.

    He waited at the va emergency room today for over 9 hours, while they took in people who weren't nearly as sick as he was. Finally he told them he couldn't wait any longer because he was in to much pain from sitting in the wheel chair all day, so he called me to come pick him up.

    What a shame that veteran's have to go through such a messed up hospital system, I wonder how much better or worse Obama care will be? I will keep looking after my friend and praying for him. It make me thankful to God that I am alive and generally healthy, compared to some people at least. Sometimes I'm just thankful that I can walk with the terrible back problems I have. Anyhow sometimes when we see what other people are going through, it make us realize we don't really have it that bad.


    Thank you for reminding me that everyone has struggles, most much more dire than my own. You were a good friend today; your friend will be in my prayers.

    Thanks Bob, he can use all the prayer he can get. Appreciate it.

    Dear Diary......Today.......HEY ......I don't have a diary !!!!


    PRETEND where you write your entry here is your diary!

    Dear Diary, Today I went to work, came home and made a salad for dinner and met my daughter at the movies and ended the day with tea with my hubby. A good day!

    oh well, Dear diary, I had the day off, and like all good wives left my poor sick hubby home with a cuppa and a poached egg, went to the pub, had a great laugh with friends then redeemed myself by making  soup "for the sick" for the one still in bed when I returned, by the way I love that song "dear Diary" Moody Blues many years ago


    I love that you go to the pub and have fun. Do you play darts or billiards, or just enjoy a pint and socializing with friends?

    My elderly friend pooped in his pantaloons but I held it together for the sake of his dignity.

    Couple of hours later he went to the store and bought a soda. Tonight, on the way back from a meeting, I accompanied him to the store where he bought a pint of Blue Bunny ice cream.

    While walking back home, I suggested that he wait until tomorrow to eat it. He lasted about a half an hour! We'll just have to wait and see how everything turns out tomorrow.

    I had a nice triple-shot of rejection while seeking work today. On the positive side, I didn't have to turn down any opportunities today! I am grateful for the color in my life today; Bright and full.

    Where you lead you provide. Who am I being led by?

    Thank you.

    2 glasses of milk and a slice of cheese.


    I love milk, especially cold from fridge. I find the more i drink, the more i want.

    Dear Diary, Woke up with a migraine again.  My friend Dawn called and she is having some problems I think I can help, it made me feel good that she felt comfortable calling me and sharing.  That took a lot for her to do.  Also, dear diary why can I not spell any longer?  even the easy words are becoming hard.


    How you can even look at a piece of paper or a computer screen with a migraine.....
    What you wrote sounds just like something that would be in a diary! :D

    when you get the answer to the spelling Q..please let me know!! 'Cause I have lost the spelling thing too...or maybe my tying is bad.

    High standards may be confused with impossibilities...


    ...and you will know what you are referring to when you look back on this entry? :D

    I need sleep again


    are you sure?

    Dear Diary, Men in Black think I sleep sexy, with them in mind. Not so. I’m bruised already children. 

    Dear diary. Had a car I bought last week delivered. Called to offer condolences to friend who's mother passed away a few days ago. Trying hard to think of an excuse to not install new countertop which I have promised to do for two months already. Called brother in Aruba to remind him that my Tee shirt size is XXL.


    Get going on the countertops! :D
    ed shank

    I know, I know. It's just such a FU job. You have to completely disassemble the entire kitchen. Maybe a back spasm? That's it.

    Dear Diary, Today, another one of my neighbours (died, this time its different.) She was in Nursing Home. She was confused, went out side, to smoke, her night dress/dressing gown caught fire, she was burned 70% before staff realized. Amen.


    This has given me chills, Dollybird. Something like that should never, never happen. Please accept my very heartfelt sympathy.

    Bob/PKB, Thank you for your message. There is investigation going on,at present.

    Dear Diary, 

    I have been eating those things the doctor told me about for breakfast all week... I am on schedule for the first time in 16 years!!!! I have energy!!!! Wow!!!! I dyed my hair, scoured the bathroom and took apart the fridge and freezer to clean them out.. Now I am a little shaking and need to take a break... 

    Dear Diary

    I'm bored today,  wake me if you have an idea.


    Dear diary,

    We wre going for a nice drive up tp Bribie Island (On the Sunshine Coast Qld,) but had to cancel due to work committments.So another day at home mucking about with furniture.Missing the girls.(Grandaughters).they are in Disneyland today having a wow of a time by all accounts.handling furniture is starting to bug me.I'll have to quit.I'm to old for this $#*t.

    dear diaery,today was a nice workingday, no stress,mybhusband suprised  me,he took me shopping to get cloth for  ouer grandson,

    Dear Diary.... I have come to the conclusion that some bad habits are best broken.. And taking out the trash is cathartic...  And these thoughts are confirmed by the song that just started playing.. WOW, My soul feels cleaned.

    Dear diary I have no time to write silly thing  and keep my mind where it belong easer said then done, Everytime I plan to do something it never turn out that way, I wonder why?

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