What can be done to aid a suffering sciatic nerve beside these wussy pain pills the dr gave me?

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    I've had it so bad sometimes that I had to stop and squat every twelve steps or so. Stretching like for your hamstrings as well as laying on your back and bringing your knees up to your chest for a few about 20 seconds and repeat it with one leg at a time. This stretch helps the space in your L-5 S-1 where the nerve is open up a little. Usually it takes time for this agonizing pain to go away.

    Massage or a heating pad as well as seeing a (good Chiropractor).

    You can do simple streching exercises to help strengthen the muscles surrouding the sciatic nerves. There is also a topical form of Voltaren you can get in prescription from your dr. Accupunture is also another good alternitive. Hope you feel better soon as sciatica is very painful and debilitating.

    Ten Tips to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain.


    I checked out the site. A great deal of info there. Thank you, I feel better already.......

    I had this through my first and third pregnancies.  I stretched... did yoga and walked.  Helped a lot. 

    I am also very used to chronic pain and have learned how to manage it. 

    I don't know if this helps.

    I am not crazy about taking pills for pain.  I am usually allergic.

    Keeping the area warm is a help. I sometimes get it in my head, so keeping it warm does work.

    See a GOOD Chriroprator!!  They set you right in more ways than one,......and pills are not the long term  answer  to a problem that needs immediate physical attention.  

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