Does anybody really care if a koran was burned at an american air base ?

    Not one bit. The afghans say death to america, then burn what resembles an american flag, But somebody burn a koran , they will get uptight. They are a third world country . I wont waste my time , effort, or money buying a koran to destroy, because i dont give a darn about their religion. They can have their sharia law there , but not here.

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    Why lower yourself? Acts of hatred doesn't do any one any good.  I would never destroy a book of faith... there could be a pearl of wisdom inside. 

    Just a thought.


    I just have better things to do , and think the military should act better.

    I agree with you. I have thought about those urinating Marines over and over. There is no place for this type of behaviour... especially when representing one's country. Not only are you representing yourself but each and every American citizen who is paying your wages. It is very low.

    If they burn something 'that resembles the american flag' (your words) then the equal would to burn something that resembles the afghan flag..not burning the Koran!!!! And they shouldn't be burning/ destroying anything on a Military base!!!!  I'll say that again..Nothing should be burned/destroyed on a Military Base!!!!  Look sometimes when people taunt you standing firm and doing nothing to retaliate is the Best Answer!!!!!

    Our Military needs to 'get it together'....Uninating on corpses and burning thier sacred book is wrong.

    Do you really think world peace will ever exist if you do respect others views? 

    ed shank

    No, humans have always built killing machines. You think the world will ever be at peace? Wake up and smell the death.

    See what happens about religious questions! consider me ooh! that's out of here!!

    There will never ever be world peace. It cant happen, never has or will.
    ed shank

    CLU,I guess some people can't stomach the truth. This is cultural not religious.

    I must agree-- I don't like the fact but what goes around comes around.. as far as urinating on corpses, This is wrong too but it pales in comparison to them whacking off the head of Daniel Pearl and others..  Liberals, please get a grip here, these are your enemies too, they care less about your 'do-good' feelings and your 'respect', they want you dead too!  How many punches in the face does it take for you to want to fight back and preserve what you love??  How many??

    Forget about what soldiers peed on dead bodies, think about the many thousands that fought for you to say these 'do-good' things, we will have a bad apple in every bushel, lets concentrate on the good apples, not the bad..  

    No, I do not care that they peed on the corpse of those that want to whack off my children's heads, I do not feel badly because they burned a koran as opposed to them burning down a barracks with 40 soldier in it.  Or, flying commercial airliners into buildings killing over 3,000 innocents.. These are bad people, learn this, understand this and maybe we will all survive.  


    Busterjazzman, I am older than you -- By far, and yes, I have learned from the wars, I lived through several wars and conflicts, that's why we are here today.. You people on the left have no clue what you say or do.. Better learn to stand up for your rights and you families, standing down will not end the wars ahead-- get used to it, your enemy does not think like you do.. And please quit yelling in CAPS, it doesn't come across as very educated..

    (I looked at your profile-- yes I am older than you..)

    Well if you were 'tied up' in the Korean 'conflict' you should understand my meaning more than most! I am surprised that you at your age and your background would even come close to not understanding how freedom is attained. "Freedom is not Free'.. I wish though that the world believed as you and others like you believe, total utopia, a nice warm gesture to our enemies, flowers in the gun barrels and well wishes to their families-- However, this is not the case then, nor is it the case now! We are at war with radicals! They relish in your Utopian thoughts, this is how they will defeat us. Personally, I feel that we are already giving them too much forgiveness here in the USA as it is.. They can practice their religion, I have no problem with that, its when they stand behind their religion, women and children and throw grenades at us. We must stand firm against this threat, no more of this PC nonsense. Have a great evening or day where ever you may be..

    I am very sorry to hear about your father, and yes, here in the USA we never saw this on our land leats you forget the Civil war that was against the north and the south and one of the bloodiest wars, however, I digress. Nobody including me thinks that war is the answer, I just think that being prepared for war is the best way to avoid war. Should we 'drop our guard' they are certainly going to be on our soil and we will not be prepared. What I am saying is that we all must understand what we are up agaist, it's not a show of power by standing up to them, it does show that we will fight back with a vengeance-- We can not afford to let them win. In 1957, Khrushchev said when addressing the US delegates at the UN in New York, he said: "The USA will be taken without a shot fired.." At the time, we laughed thinking he was speaking of the Soviet Union taking the USA, little did we know at the time he was actually speaking of the people of the USA turning on each other and the mighty USA will fall.. This is what we are seeing today, each year it gets faster and faster.. We are a split union now where the word itself says 'together' we are not together- We are being beaten by our own people-- Now we worry about Iran, N. Korea, nop telling what will happen now in Iraq since we have pulled out.. time will tell.

    WHAT happened to buster's replies?? We had a decent conversation going here-- No name calling, he has his point of view, i have mine, a civil discussion.. Jeesh..

    I wouldn't purposely burn a Koran, just out of respecting someone elses religion. But, perhaps more importantly, the U.S. doesn't need to be interpreted as having launched a war against all muslims, when very soon our hand might be forced to retaliate against Iran, which sits in the middle of region primarily populated by muslims.

    Place me on the "Who Cares" list.

    What actions they take..are different from the actions we take. Someone should be using their head. Hopefully common sense will prevail!

    Our soldiers schould not be in that Hell Hole of Afghanistan. That was and is a big mistake.  Our military is totally stressed out and worn out. It a dangerous place to be and burning a Koran shows theire frustration. Nobody can be rational in surroundings like Afghanistan. I dont really blame our soldiers for doing what they did.

    ed shank

    Ann, Took a lot of heart to say what you did. Thankx. They must all come home now.

    Burning the Koran out of spite, no. When messages are being sent through them from one inmate to the other, yes. Does anyone know if the Muslims ever returned the heads of the innocent people they decapitated to the US for burial? Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the film of the six marines they hung upside down on a bridge and set them on fire, only later to be thrown on a garbage pile on the outskirts of the city to be feasted on by wild dogs,I know the tape exists because it was shown on "Algazerra" Muslim TV.. It will remind me that I'm just to critical towards Islam. "Their human too". We should all get along, right. WRONG.

    ed shank

    Some of you people are scaring me. Less time on reality TV, more time on what's happening in the real world. You younger people with children better get a grip on reality, these people will eventually have the means to kill everything you love.

    remember, its the radical koran worshipers that want all americans dead.

    ed shank

    Why haven't the NORMALS condemned their action? Because they will be killed by their own.

    Yes ed! This is a fact, I see no condemning the radicals from the 'normal' or rational Islamics. why is this? I do see much in the way of offering understanding to these people, there's even a TV show that is aired here showing us infidels the proper way to 'behave' around Muslims.. They cram down my throat that I must accept those that want to kill us.. Honestly, I don't want to be a hater but they give me and people like me no choice.
    ed shank

    Vinny, My step father was Muslim. I attend services at the Mosque with him every week till age 9 or so. Since 9/11 I always wanted to meet with some of the clergy and followers to get an actual feel for what is in their hearts. The ones I remember were good decent people. Maybe I should again consider doing this. I am puzzled, why has that community not commented unless there exist a level of fear of retaliation.

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