I'm Amazed! Just watching the news- an arson fire recently in this area . A fire accelerant sniffing dog has indicated this was arson! What would we do without our furry friends??

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    It truly is amazing what our furry friends are capable of doing.  My two can steal food from my son at light speed... bark incessantly, the male pees on the bar-b-que cover each and every morning.  They dance like Jack Black... sing, beg, whine, get themselves tangled in each other's leashes, sleep at my feet ... oh those aren't very useful at all except the singing and dancing... that is good for a laugh.

    I do love my boogley eyed dogs.  The little one is so cute and looks like a little stuffed animal.  Crazy cute.

    I can't even imagine life without our animal friends!

    I have had animals all my live and they are the most amazing creatures. I could never be without them.

    My son donated a shepard pup to the state police. He eventually became a cadaver dog.

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