Did you know that there is a Woman's Lingerie Football League?

    It's coming to a town near you... Well near me anyway and it is making some people very angry.

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    probably just a flash in the pan(ts)

    I am a little dense :( What is it?

    lambshank I prefer lamb and/or fish in my pan...

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    Oh what fun! who wouldn't want to play footy in their knickers, a sight for sore eyes!

    ""Here's one of the footy girls...


    looks like the lady next door (previous answer, the alien)

    She looks more like a bloke.

    Can,t see a lot of people paying to see them.
    You never know though.

    Ha ha ha! This footy doesn't need the protective padding.

    Is that Mrs. Madden 2012?

    Actually they do wear the same padding as guys only you can see it, never condemn , unless you see it for your self.

    Now that I know, I think eggy's A is the best!

    This sounds painful!


    I think so as well. I have no interest but the idea is causing quite the stir here.

    sounds like poor taste to me

    So they've finally got the cheerleaders out on the field !

    I just pulled up the website, it seems that Toronto already has a team and British Columbia has just named their new team. There are 13 teams now. My bet is that they will go bust :)


    Yep.... we are the Angels... Hilarious and true! It is lighting the papers up!

    Wait a second, if I didn't......
    Are you a promoter?

    No... but I am happy for the revenue for our new and very expensive arena.

    No, I didn't know that. I never heard of such a thing. Am curious though..........


    I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago. Apparently the big arena here where hockey games are played and concerts has rented their building out for the Women's Lingerie Legue... It would seem for two games. This is making people nutty. They have just finished lobbying (successfully) against an annual show that promotes sex toys et al in another venue... Madness!

    This is the music capital of the world, I can't imagine Austinites wanting to see such a thing.....

    Music capitol... I don't listen to one single band from your area.... hook me up.

     Where are the men playing in their jocks and wife-beaters? 

    Fish, i have watched the game a few times on tv, down under in Australia, the girls play the game as tough as the guys (not quite), they wear sports bra and pants, with the girdle type thing thats used for holding up stockings, nothing really risqué, but they play the game seriously, enjoyable to watch when you know nothing about American Football like me.

    I don't understand what all the commotion is about. It's not like they would be parading around in public, and the spectators would only be those that wanted to be there. It's called capitalism, and I'm all for it. And the one scoring the winning goal could celebrate by stripping off her sports bra and ...... where do I get tickets??


    This is the bible belt of British Columbia and they have named the team the Angels... They may be sports bras but they are frilly sports bras. We need the income for this big sports complex of ours but these people don't seem to understand it. I am all for it as I am sick of throwing my money at this arena for goodness sakes... Taxes are going up again this year... stop the madness and find us some monster truck rallies, a basket ball team and professional wrestling matches.

    This sounds like the Cowboy's cheerleader's trying to play ball. Does Vivtoria Secret has a team yet???

    Fish,if the Bible Belt get upset over this, god help ya, it's like going to a track meet.

    Gives a whole new meaning to "down over"...

    Believe me it is pretty tame clothes wise, suitable for American T.V. rated PG. You see more down the beach.


    LLB I will trust you on this.

    Little doo. no joke you can let your kids watch it, like i said it's pretty tame with what they wear as a uniform, girls who play beach volley ball are more revealing as they wear bikini's, the shoulder pads you can see as they don't wear a Guernsey, only the sports bra and sport nickers, which you see on the girl sprinters etc., at the Olympics. We see more on our soapies.

    I don't. What is it?


    Football played by women in underwear and protective padding.

    It's pretty silly...what if they break a nail???


    Actually they do break bones occasionly, these girls play rough, just like the guys.


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