Sad news, little Solo didn't make it :(

    I believe he was like a premee. He was underdeveloped when he hatched. He should have been covered in feathers when he was born and he wasn't. He should have been sitting up or standing the day after he was hatched and he wasn't. 3 weeks into it, he was still laying on his back and not able to stand without help. I think that maybe even his internal organs might not have developed fully. He is buried in the bird garden with my other birds who had moved on. His parents are fine as animals accept death in a different way than we do. No more baby birds in this house. I don't want to go through this again. Solo died Feb 21st sometime in the early morning hours. I was going to let you all know yesterday but with all the drama going on here I didn't have the time and after things settled it just didn't seem like the right time. I believe Solo has gone on and will probably be reborn into another animal body and a stronger body at that. Those are my beliefs. As Soul, he still has a right to life and one longer than 3 weeks. :)


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    So sad, so sad, I was already in love with the little guy. Your house must feel a bit empty now........


    I miss his presence and still forget when the thought comes that I should check on him. Then I remember he's gone. :(

    Colleen, Im really sad to learn about Solo, maybe God was easing baby birds pain.

    I think so Dolly. I think that even if he had made it to adulthood, he might have had defects or many complications.

    That is so sad to hear! I'm sitting here crying for you and him! He gave it a good fight though! So sorry,Colleen!


    He did his best and the day before he went I had been holding him and he was peeping out this little song that sounded so happy. It was not his regular peep. It was like a song. I guess it was his thank you for his time with us. :)

    Thanks Clu. No tears though. He'll have a better body the next time ;)

    Maybe he'll be an eagle! In his next life. Bless him!

    Eagles are protected here. That would be a good bird for him to be :)

    Goodbye little solo, so sad you didn't make it.

    So sad. I am truly sorry. May he rest in peace


    Thank you Ann.


    The poor little birdie.




    Thanks fishy. I know you were so excited about the miracle of him. I'm sorry. :(

    :-(  sad

    RIP :(

    He sure did have a loving god mother..... I know you will miss him. Lots of love xoxoxox.

    Good luck,little Solo spirit. You are missed.

    Sorry to hear the bad new, SOLO MAY YOU REST IN PEACE. we are sad now!


    Thank you facebook.

    Truely disappoint in little Solo, What could of went wrong I wonder?

    I think he just wasn't fully developed. He was not growing as fast as he should have been.

    SO SORRY. Colleen .The guys are all "SAD" Myself included also my "Wife Josie .She "Cried poor little thing she said not strong enough .Take care of the rest there "Chirping" will help you love and all the wife and I.


    Thank you to both you and the Mrs. I appreciate your words and hers.

    at least he would have been more comfortable in his short life than if he had hatched in the wild, very sad news

    I know the little bird meant alot to you, looking forward to raising it . Hope it doesnt discourage you from trying again to raise another.  The loss of a pet is not easy. I wish you well, Really.


    Thank you Zorro.

    Doolittle is grateful that Solo had warm home and a loving ste of winged parents along with a loving human mom!!!!!  Thank you for sharing solo with us!  I am sad but Colleen Animals do have souls and Solo's soul was enriched by your love and care! Big cyber hug!


    Thanks doo. (((hugs)))

    Solo's birth was such a wonderful piece of news for all of us.  It's really disappointing that he didn't make it.  I am so sorry to hear the news, Colleen.


    Thank you Chiangmai.

    Condolences, Colleen. 


    Thank you.

    RIP little Solo, you gave a valiant effort. Sorry for your loss Colleen.


    Thank you. He sang to me the day before. In all his troubles, he was happy. This has helped me. He left with love. :)

    Colleen You're welcome. Love = Love, it knows no boundries. :)

    May his spirit soar like an eagle!

    So sorry Colleen. I think you both should be given another

    chance. C'mon, one more time?


    No, there will be no more. I have 15 birds now. Solo was a surprise. I value the time he was here but I will not go through this again.

    Well then, you've done well.
    My brother once had a Grey Cheek Parakeet who was finger trained, he used to sit on my finger and be content to groom the short beard I had at the time. When he had enough he would lean towards his cage for me to take him to his room. His name was Ian !
    I look forward to getting one for myself when I can.

    Colleen, i'm so sorry to hear about Solo, Budgies are one of my favourite birds, i see them flying around in my back yard all the time.---R.I.P. LITTLE SOLO.

    For animal lovers at aka it has not been a happy week. First it was the sad news of hectors seven year old cat and now poor little Solo. For three weeks he put up a brave fight but alas it was not to be. So sad for you Colleen. 



    TY west-bus

    I’m sorry, that is so sad very little but so cute.

    im sorry to hear about that sweet baby bird. i think we were all waiting to see him grow up. hes in birdie heaven with God now. He will take care of him. bye bye little solo. thank you for enriching our lives. God bless you.

    Colleen....I'm just seeing this post now after reading about your new arrivals.  Sorry about Solo and best of luck with your new little family.             :(   and   :)

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