I have adult ducks, the females seem to be getting weak and their feet are curling and they are not able to stand what can I do

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    I just did a goggle search :Duck illness feet problems  came up with " Lots to read Short summary : Concrete bad ,diet very important ,hint feed kale defrost peas and corn  and feed that . Diet critical no bread . You need to read all this way to much to share here . Hope this helps . Please take a look for your self .

    All questions farm related should start at the local feed and grain store . Its a network of animal people this resource is very valuable . Then start working goggle like a borrowed tractor .


    I am thinking that it has to do with the feed, we are giving them a cracked corn which seemed fine during the summer but now they are laying and almost look under nurished. I cant find anything online about adult ducks with curled feet. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Hey, I think the ducks do have a lack of nutrition because corn has none whatsoever. They could also have a calcium deficiency . Calcium is important in their diet. Take the advice of bluesman go and speak to your feed and grain store. If you can't go there, ring them up. I find them very helpful.

    That sounds like a question you should immediately ask a veternarian.


    I will contact the vet in the morning for sure, I was just hoping somebody would have an idea if there was something I can do right away at least until I can make the call tomorrow. Thanks for you answer though!

    You might need to trim the nails. I have used a dog nail trimmer and worked fine. They wont walk around much if nails are curled under. Good Luck to you.


    Ducks do not have nails.

    The ones i trimmed did.

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