what is the largest mammal that can't jump?

    My 9yr nephew asked me, I got it right but i thought he was so clever to ask.

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    Please read my replies. I do not want you to leave this site without the correct information. Thank You.

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    Perhaps elephant.

    While almost every mammal has the ability to jump...the whales are the largest mammals that can jump.


    I need more coffee

    But that's not the question.
    doolittle asked what the largest mammal that can jump is a whale

    There are many mammals that are unable to jump. Elephants, hippos, manatees, seals and other aquatic mammals, sloths, burrowing subterranean rodents such as moles, etc.

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    Some of the ones you mentioned only jump when under extreme stress- like the elephant.

    I hope I never meet an elephant under extreme stress... First of all I would be worried senseless for the elephant and then I may have to become worried senseless for myself as elephants are huge!

    I apologize, I read the question wrong.  However, elephants can jump, if necessary, when they are under extreme stress.  However, their size and strength, allow them to run off most animals and people.

    Yes, an elephant!  I started thinking big then really big then bang, but for him to consider it...WOW  a genius we got. (spoken like a aunt)


    Ummm..there are whales that trump any elephant in size and weight! Break it to your nephew gently. "While elephants are the largest land animals/mammals that can jump- whales are the largest mammals of all that can jump!!!!" you can google whales and elephants beforehand if need be.

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