I've come in on the tail end of these shows several times while anticipating the start of Castle.  I'm not near a TV for most of the other reality shows (though I like Hell's Kitchen, for the most part). My question is:
    WOULD YOU EVER BE ON A REALITY SHOW, and WHAT KIND OF "REALITY" WOULD IT BE?  (There's contests for weight loss, husbands, wives, chefs, food-eating champions, race-car driving, and other sports.  Even Jeopardy and The Price Is Right count here).  I don't want to limit the possibilities.  Perhaps you'd like to be one of the cops on "COPS" or a " Storage Wars" warlord . Or make up a show of your own.

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    Only if i were the host....

    Sorry not into those shows.

    For myself, I'd like to be on a show like Dancing With The Stars, so I could get some good exercise, learn to dance, and have the costumes, hair, and makeup for a couple of weeks.  Cinderella-ish. 

    Bob, I watched dancing with the stars a couple times and its not something I  would like to do. I dont watch the other reality shows you mentioned. It would be something for a younger crowd.


    We could do it, Ann; it would just take longer!

    Bob, you are right. It would take me a long time to dance to the beat of that music and would wear me out.

    Can not relate.

    Any of them as long as I can take my rx meds....  I dont know if survivor contestants or big brother are allowed to be on maintenance medication.


    I don't know either... something to look up.

    I  would welcome a stint  on a show called  "Vigilante"  and correct wrong-doings the way most of us think it should be done.   Do you feel lucky, Dude, I got some of my own Due Process for you.  But as we know nobody will actually get 'due  processed' .   This could be more fun than driving a tow truck !


    Sign me up, NOW!

    2nd on the list just after me, ROMOS

    Oh, heck, lets make it a team effort!!!

    I like to have a shot at "Price Is Right" and chance to fall on my face on JEOPARDY.......

    The Amazing Race!  I love that program. 


    OMG. Fish I will so do it with you!!!!!

    Jenn... I wish I was an American citizen. That would be soooo much fun... But you have to eat the weird junk!

    I dont mind weird junk... I am weird. I had no idea you had to be a US citizen...

    It is a very sad fact. :(


    They should not limit it to Americans!!! The prize money would be American dollars anyway!! It should be like the Olympics-international. Probably some silly US law.

    For me, it would not be about the money but the quest! Too fantastique!

    No not me, "reality" shows are about as real as a solid gold  "10 cent coin.set with diamonds.


    Don't care to be a celebrity! Don't want to bring any attention to myself, Although I like what you pick!

    I would like to bring back The (Mutual of Omaha's) Wild Kingdom..and tell the World exactly what the animals think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That was an excellent program. I shudder to think what the animals would say.

    Oh yes, and they have A Lot to say!!!

    I loved that Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom too. I always watched it.

    Me too! It was a great show!!

    Ms.Bob i have never watched a reality show, it does'nt interest me one iota, it seems to me what i have heard  they are all contrived.


    Most likely! I read part of an article about "THE BACHELOR" and the guy commented that one of the women had "messed up her line".

    i think a programme about demolition!!  every week the winning contestant would be allowed to demolish a building - sledge hammers,  wrecking ball, and then .....BOOOOM!  you get to blow up whats left!!!   woooeeee i  trhink it would be really great.


    GOOD ACTION! I'll bet this could be reality one day!

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