A TAVERN/ PUB IN SYDNEY HAVE ADDED TO IT'S DRESS CODE, NO ADMITTANCE TO ANY ONE WITH VISIBLE TATTOOS, The publican said only riff raff have tattoos, what do you think about the dress code?

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    If that was the law where I live, the bars would be empty. Crazy.


    Ann, my first thought is just don't go there, but i gather for some reason it is very popular with the younger generation.

    I have never thought that a tavern/pub/bar, was that particular about who they let in.  I just thought it was a case of them wanting to welcome anyone who shows up often and drinks a lot while they are there!  They also prefer those who don't become obnoxious when drinking. A dress code?  That is almost laughable.

    P.S.  But I think tattoos are ugly!


    Most drinking establishments in Australia have a Dress code, alot of pokie rooms in the pubs don't allow woking clothes to be worn as part of the dress code including work boots (steel caps).

    So you have to look good to get drunk? LOL!!!

    Nothing wrong with a well dressed drunk. lol.


    so much more dignified to see a well dressed person throwing up

    Don't get that on your tie! lol

    Does this dress code contravene any law, bye-laws or regulations. If not then he, as the publican, would be within his  legal rights to impose one. Do not forget its his pub and we have the choice which pub we use. 




    WEST, theoretically as the publican he can impose any dress code he likes, here a short story, when the disco craze was in full swing we had a night club called Jule's Bar, the bounces there were told any guy who looked Greek or Italian was refused to enter, girls were ok, yet this bar was run by a Greek, it caused alot of flack but at the time he wasn't breaking any laws, he wouldn't be able to get away with this today.

    bulletman, I see your point but the question arises, where do you draw the line on what is acceptable and what is not ? Surely, if you were the publican or owner of an establishment you would have the say on what is allowed and what is not.

    Bull Malarkey.............


    Who's he? :)

    Nicer way of saying "Bull Sh**"........

    Insane, I've never had one but I find the art incredible. How can they get away with that?


    ED' it has caused a bit of stink here, he may have to back track as it could contravene discrimination laws.
    ed shank

    I would think so. What's next, shoulder length hair not forbidden? Burca's not permitted? Let that one get posted and see the outcry from the Muslims.
    I say find another drinking hole.

    I don;t know about Nth. America but Burca's , the head piece has to be removed when entering financial instituions, as also motor bike helmets.

    Ed, I don't think a Burka ban would be much use, Muslims don't drink alcohol (officially).
    ed shank

    Step father # one was a Muslim, didn't wear a burca obviously but did like slammin a few now and then.

     ""No soup for you!! Crazy...


    And we know what the soup salesman was called! Exactly what this pub must have associated with!

    Eddie, it is crazy.

    Jaw dropping!!! A bar that turns away ppl with tattoos ? I can see a fine dining establishment with a dinner jacket dress code. But a bar???? 


    EXactly , what i thought, Jenn.

    What about freedom of expression. there are some pretty neat tattoes. 


    THERE is only one pub imposing tthe barring of tattoo's as part of their dress code' every where else is fine.


    Many states have been ordered to no longer allow smoking anywhere in their establishments. Bars here tried for a little while and eventually told the state to piss off. You can smoke in any bar should you choose to do so in PA. If the booze doesn't eventually kill you the ride home might, second hand smoke in an establishment were people are SLOWLY killing themselves. Bite me. Enter at your own risk. 


    I take your point Ed but not really about tattoos.
    In Australia you CANNOT smoke in a bar, tavern, shopping centre, any place where food is being served, 50 meters of childs` play ground, motel or hotel room. It is the law and we tend to obey the law in OZ.

    I do not see any harm in tattoos as long as the dress code is correct as far as neat and tidy is concerned.
    Personaly I am not a tattoo lover but to each his own.
    Smoking is a health risk so different ball game.

    G'day PL, where did you pop up from, great to hear from you thanks for answering for me.

    ED, as PL said about smoking, the laws we have had for some time, Sth. Aust. unfortunately for me were the first in the world to introduce the No Smoking laws, that also includes cars with children in them, in fact almost any where in a Public Place. ( and buses and taxi's)
    ed shank

    I'm in no way encouraging smoking, it is a dangerous habit but should be left up to the individual establishments, bars and such. Smoking generates an indreible amount of monies in taxes, should no one smoke our government would have to stick it you in another way to make up for lost revenue.

    Silliness! Some tattoos are overboard..but they became very popular about 15 years ago and a good majority of folks 35ish and under have them.  Perhaps they could turn the heat down in the winter and the ac up in the summer and it could be the log  sleeve Teeshirt hangout!  Those in the military have been getting tattoos for years-should they be made to cover up????  


    Little Doo i would suppose at this tavern you would wear a long sleeve shirt, or the other option, go somewhere else. A beer is a beer no matter where you drink it.
    ed shank

    I can't imagine a serviceman or womam wearing short sleeves with a tat being asked to leave. The place would be boarded up in month.

    ed- in the US it would!

    Speaking as the riff raff:  I got my first tattoo at age 51, and have 4 more. Wearing regular clothing, none would show.  Two of my sons would be banned unless they had on long sleeves, and a mellow, nondescript musician and church friend wouldn't be allowed in because you can see the little music symbol on his hand. 
    I think this place is trying to keep out a certain element that here would include the folks with neck and head tattoos, not to mention the ones on some people's faces. I see alot of that when I visit the jail, and it's a little "off-putting.  
    "Don't judge a book by its cover" might be appropriate in this case.  Perhaps a slander or libel suit might change their minds.  Riff raff?  Grandmas aren't riff raff!


    i quite agree with you, Ms. Bob, i suppose he is going to extreme to stop a few under desirables all have to suffer.

    It wouldn't bother me to NOT patronize that place. Screw it; unless they are serving free steak and lobster full-course meals, I'm missing nothing. Shades of Civil War America, though.

    Well our freedoms have been getting away from us little by little, most businesses have signs requiring certain dress codes. Some say they can refuse service to anyone for any reason. I don't agree with them, but I respect their freedom to make their own rules.

    While I don't agree with them and I doubt this will go unnoticed or be allowed for long, I can say that the owners are a bunch of moron's. People with tattoo's also have the right to eat or drink wherever they want or to avoid the place that doesn't want their business. So the ball swings both ways. The part I do like is people have the freedom to do what they want with their own business or patronage.


    The proprietor has the right of refusal as long as it not discriminatory against the patron for Race, Colour or Creed, then he is in deep trouble with the law.

    I've seen signs that say that they can refuse anyone service, it's up to the establishment or management. They don't have to give a reason. I'm sure there are laws like you mentioned, but I've seen the signs. Remember I've lived in the deep south, lol.

    With the current trend he will not have any custom in his public house for the forseeable future the whole of the general population seems to be riffraff . He won't have custom for a long time as tattoos do not come off. They are also generally ugly as they become aged and faded


    It's the publican who will suffer in the end, no drinkers, no money!

    Okay guys....I've been busy for a couple of days and by the looks of it, I'm outnumbered here, on the"tattoo thing".  I don't like the look of tattoos, no matter who has them, grandmothers, service people, young people, etc.  A person's occupation, age, size, gender doesn't have anything to do with my opinion of the look of tattoos.  (I know that I am NOT the only one who thinks that tattoos are less than lovely looking, especially when a person has had one for 20 years!)  A business owner has the right and should always have the right, to decide who will or who will NOT be welcome in his/her business.  It is THEIR investment after all.  On the other side, frequent the businesses of your choice....that is the right of the "tattooed ones".


    Duck i quite agree with you; i am not keen on tattoos a well, there are plenty more places to go if you want a drink etc. :)

    Sounds insane to me "only riff raff have tattoos"what about all our vets alive as well as deceased who dare consider them rif rafff, shame on anyone who looks down on a person with tattoos...

    I think its silly and very judgmental, I choose not to have tattoo's, my husband chose otherwise, didn't change him into a thug or an undesirable, we had a pub near where I used to live, the publican was a woman also very judgmental and refused to tolerate tatts, swearing, smoking (was o.k back)  then and just about everything else, most of the town could be seen proudly wearing T shirts saying "Ive been barred from Mary's pub"

    I wonder what they say in regards to people with their faces pierced?


    I don't think they would have a look in.

    I think its his or her tavern, and they can set any dress code the want, after all its their place...I don't agree w/ it but what can i do! I AM POWERLESS OVER PEOPLE PLACE"S AND THINGS...PERIOD!

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