Ok I have paid all the steps and have no idea how to get a web site all i have done is watch videos and tried to get someone to help me and it's a load of crap

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    Okay time out !!!!!!! Frustrating for sure this web site thing . Maybe now is not the right time ,knowledge comes in blocks and chunks and some times in drips. Point being you may not have the skills required for this right now.I dont maybe one day I will . So try some blogs for starters take a look at how they are done . Explore the picture places ,sky drive , ,flicker there are a bunch. Take a look at its fun and you will enjoy your time there . The others will have some other input and who knows you may have a website by weeks end ,one can hope .Lots of things on the web are crap ,no doubt about that . What I have learned is you cant do all at once,just too much knowledge to have all at once . Get a good solid foundation and build from there ,it will come in time . Good Luck    Bill

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