What do you think about richard nixon being involved in the watergate scandal

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    I think it is a very sad piece of American history. 

    Is this a homework question?

    If so, what do you think about it?


    I believe your intuition is impeccable.

    Nixon was never was involved in the Watergate Apartments break-in.   What got him caught up in the resulting scandal was his efforts to protect those who were.

    Nixon much, like Bush the elder, was one of our best foreign policy Presidents over the past 50 years who would actually CALL other head of state to discuss current relations with them.

    We would often see re-runs of his famous "I an not a crook speech," but he actually was not a crook.  Even his worst enemies never accused him of being a crook.

    After he resigned he proved to be the Elder Statesmen of our time, that he actual was.

     King, Queen, Presidents, Dictators and Leaders from around the world came to his funeral to pay their respects



    It has always amazed me how so many look down on Nixon, while at the same time sing praises of the scandalous lives of JFK, Clinton and others.

    Exactly! I liked Nixon. He is a ---- sight better than the president now!

    He DID NOT have sexual relations with THAT woman...hold on...wait...that was that OTHER impeached President.


    emm the first one (you mentioned) wasn't was that special cigar that allowed him to leave his term without grace.

    He certainly was impeached. google it and see for yourself.

    I did not mean to vote that up or down. Sorry...

    I did wants to let you know that Nixon and Clinton were not impeached.. The process was stared but never completed. Nixon resigned before impeachment and Clinton was never completely through the impeachment process.
    Andrew Johnson is the only US president that was impeached.

    Jenn, you are correct as far as not passing the Senate vote but he DID get impeached by the House.

    He ended the war. I think he was a good guy. Watergate, so what.

    It was blown out of its proportions. Overall, Nixon was one of the greatest POTUS of the modern era.

    I'd love to help you with your homework but, I was younger at the time and didn't pay it much attention......

    I think it was a very long time ago, and nothing is going to change the outcome. Nixon is dead. It saddened me that he resigned; he tried to protect/cover up for his pals and it cost him dearly.


    Then you must have waned him impeached- understandable.

    I was ashamed for him. When he resigned, I felt he admitted guilt.

    He played to win at any cost and then was crushed…Hoo-Ya.

    My feelings on this subject has changed much over the years. Nowadays, I just look at it as too bad it happened. But, years ago, I felt somewhat betrayed.

    I believe this sort of thing is happening today just as it has as long as governments have existed. It's probably a common thing, it's just not common to be caught doing it.

    I thought you said you were not going to post another question after we all ignored the last one.... Silly boy.

    Is that you, Deep throat?

    Is cryogenics a long process?

    You'll catch up quick on this site. Nothing's really changed!



    The is ONE thing that every man can give credit to Clinton, he convinced America woman that a BJ is not SEX.   ;).


    Now Jack, that is not all he taught us. He taught us how to lie via omission, how to speak in such a way as to make others assume the wrong things, and that we could define sex (and any other word) as we wish!

    Hey Jack hope all is well, look at the sort of crap Obama's doing now, maybe he should be impeached if he gets re-elected. Lol :)

    Did you just come out of a coma??????


    Yes. That would be my medical analysis of this questioner! LOL! Unless he is young and his parents are young....

    He was not honest!!!

    Quite frankly there shouldn't be much thought involved at this point- The special prosecutors, and their staff were upstanding, honest, and took their time investigating this president.  I met two of them.  Nixon knew he would be impeached.  He resigned prior to the impeachment.  He was crooked (meaning dishonest) this is very serious and was handled correctly.

    Well, I voted for him twice, so , lets just say that I was disappointed.

    Studying history, it seems that all political people have engaged in some covert activity.  They probably feels its best for their country at the time.  His came out to the public and he was disgraced.  I wish everything could be done above board, but humans appear not totally operate that way.  Like Mitt Romney said, "the quiet room".  Behind closed doors.  My father thought he was a great man.  I hated to see him go out like that.

    He did nothing that other presidents haven't done, except get caught. Our current administration is the most corrupt administration in recent memory.

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