is a cat adog

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    No they are definitely not the same, you can be top dog and get a dog to do what you want, but you won't make a cat do anything if it doesn't want to. Dogs look up to you, cats look down on you, thats a fact.


    Cats have a mind of their own, seldom comes when called, stop, takes a message, and get back to you later, especially when they want food. lol

    Very true Dollybird.

    Are you a man or a woman. I dont even know how to think out side the box, wha box ?

    All cats have four legs. My dog has four legs, therefore my dog is a cat.



    Quantum theory might suggest that my answer has merit, Umbriel.

    I think that they are the same!  The only difference is the lanuage that they speak.  One speaks "Meow" and the other speaks "Woof".

    a cat is a cat. Dogs are different animals.

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    No they are not the same.

    Not in my book of course my book don't have all the answers..

    "" I find that, insulting...

    Yes, if the cat's name is "Adog".

    Is a moron an oxymoron??????


    Is this something that you REALLY need to know Darci? Now be honest! lol

    What is the purpose of this question?  Are you confused and unable to identify cats and dogs?


    Oh my my my...What is Doolittle to Doo????

    "Who let the dawgs out-woof woof woof"  "here kitty kitty kitty"   They are entirely separate animals..unless valR. has figured it out.  

    My My MY....I need a valium, I can't handle this abomination of confusing canines and felines...maybe I'll just go to sleep!!!

    You've just managed to piss off my cat and dog...

    Well obviously not... then they would be called a cat.... just like civil union is not marriage.... or it would be called a marriage. 

    A Cat is part of the Feline family.

    A Dog is ..well, like a dry Seal.

    or do you mean is a dog acat

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