What are the possible problems that is related in maine environment and in vthe economy of the philiphines?

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    Are you asking about possible environmental problem In the state of Maine and how that can effect the economy of the Philippine Islands? Of so say yrs, if not pleas clarify tour Q

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    I did a Goggle search ; Environmental Issues in the Philiphines. It appears that too much of the Forrest is being cut and its changing the ecology by making the soil more acid making growing food stuffs very difficult. The loss of the coral reefs is affecting marine life in a negative way . If you lose the fishing and the food it makes you dependant on the outside world for those things . unless this is stopped the economic future looks dark .These bad habits need to stop or at least slow to where you aren't losing ground and the good balance returns . All folks living on this planet need to do better with the way they live and use resources . I hope this helped with your question .    Bill

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