If I had the extra money, I'd --------?

    Complete this sentence with what you'd do. Kinda like the match game I guess...


    What if it were an extra few million dollars, what then? Might make for some bigger answers?

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    Give it all to Leeroy "Honest"

    Thanks dowsa!!! I'd put it to good use, I promise.

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    Not have to worry about paying the bills.


    Also mine as well Sunny!!thank you

    Spend it!


    LLB- in ritzy hotel rooms..I mean suites...while we're on tour!

    What's this 'We,' LD. LOL.

    Probably wake up and find it was just a dream!

    Put it in the bank.


    "OH ANN if your Bank is Doggy don't trust the Manager I would put it into my Account for you .You can "Trust "ME" Honest is my Middle "Name"(cough)Colleen just kick my Rectum polite (ASS)

    Take a nice vacation!


    Can I come Please "Wife needs a break!!

    Of course!

    Build more women's shelters for abused women and their children. The economy, dope and booze has created an epidemic of violence within the family never seen before. Mothers turning into whores, selling themselves to feed the children. I see it here in this part of PA every single day. Sad.

    Help some  Animal Charitys

    I'd go out to eat more often...........

    ed shank

    Hey, watch that waistline.

    Buy me and Ollie a house of our very own.

    I'd buy my grandson a new VW.

    I would love to help third world countries with clean drinking water.


    Hear Hear
    ed shank

    In thirty years safe water will be the new oil.

    ... feed the world naturally and healthily.

    Give it to families that are having hard times by no fault of their own.

    Pay off my two mortgages.

    Open a shelter for homeless people in our area.

    put some new tires on my car..

    Buy the Buffalo Bills and move them north to Canada.

    ed shank

    Who/what is Buffalo Bills.

    Ed, You ARE American and you ARE red-blooded. Right?

    To you Brits and Aussies (and Ed), the Buffalo Bills are an American football franchise

    Would it be enough for me to buy a home on a lake?  And have enough money to hire people to maintain it and wait on me hand and foot?  Yes, it's all about me!      lol          :)


    Why not! It's YOUR money, Ducky. ENJOY IT.

    I'll dream. :)

     I would take a vacation not sure if I would do it alone or with family... 

    I would spend it on wine and women and just waste the rest.


    Exactly. Don't do anything silly with most of it.

    ......invest a substantial amount in tax free something or other so I'd get a nice payment every month.   
    I'd set up investment portfolios for my grandchildren (#3 due in July).  
    I'd like to do something for prisoners that would help keep them from being repeat offenders; men and women both.
    I'd also like to set up a "school" that teaches people how to balance a checkbook, iron a shirt, do laundry, cook basic meals, BUDGET, clean a bathroom, change a diaper, mow the lawn, change the oil, study skills.....basic living 101. Hands on, no charge 
    Pay off my friend's house for her; pay the child support for someone I know, and pay off the student loans for someone else I know.  Pay for another friend to get his contractor's license and bond here.  
    Go to Disneyland.  :D 


    WoW! You 'got' alot more extra money than I did- lol.

    hee hee. Just a little more imagination at the moment.

    Honestly if I had extra money ,I probably spend on foolish thing, although I would try to help those people in Africa where children are lacking water and schools ext.But just the same we always change when it come down to the real issue of the matter.Well if it met to be, maybe God will allow for it to happen.

    I would get my book edited!


    I'm reading!!!

    scream! yippee!

    I'll help...I believe I have been reading the type of book you a writing for years!

    You are so sweet!When it's published! I'd be honored for you to read it!
    Thanks Doolittle!

    "" I'd buy some more clothes...

    I'd like to buy a bunch of land somewhere in the mountains, build log cabins and plant crops. Bring in horses and cattle. It would be a place where soldier's coming back from the war with P.T.S.D. could relax and grow crops etc.

    I think it would be very therapeutic for them to do the opposite of killing and would help them get back on the road to a life in society. Maybe even offer job training?

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