what is you r pet name


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    Binks is an orange cat, Data is a gray tabby, Starla is a mix breed, like collie dog. All strays, or were, now they're home.

    My babies!

    My cats name is "peaches' i have no idea why he was already named when we got him..


    I had a dog named Peaches back in the 60's! Cool!


    He turned out to be my dream cat and I got him from an animal home. I wanted to name him Sammy but he would have none of it , so after a few days I looked at his document and found his name and on hearing "Rombo" he sprung up like a shot. The rest is history. He is in his 3rd year now and an equal member of the family.  


    Just two left. A dog named Charile and a cat named Chewy.

    Sandie and Colby,two dogs. My two cats were moses and Misty.

    Your "pet name" (as you wrote) or your "pet's name"????


    yes, i thought of that!

    I have become the house pet. My wife refers to me as the " wretched one".




    Good name for ya'...especially lately. LOL!!

    what a lovely 'pet' name.... My spouse gave me several...charming!

    Ahhhhh, poor you, ed shanks.
    ed shank

    Better days are coming. I'm practising smiling again.
    I have 10 fish and 4 turtles. I didn't really name my fish, and the turtle's names are Ocean, Seashell, Trudy, and Schelly. They are baby turtles, really cute. :)

    You need to name your fish!

    That is so sweet! I have some names for you fish, Fin,and gelie. If they are all the same kind you're screwed! Named them 1,2,3,4,

    How about Nemo.

    I've always had several pets at one time, lately I've been moving around for work so much I haven't had the stability a pet requires. I really do at least want to get a cockateil or something, it's lonely here in AZ.


    See if can aquire a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, great talkers or a Galah, talk as well.

    Thanks bulletman, I had a umbrella cockatoo who bit my lip and gave me seven stitches. Make sure he's hand trained o.k. lol...

    My dog is so small call him Peanut!

    >>Removed by member for personal reasons<<


    Is she frowning all the time? :)

    No... I have been taking lessons from Doo and through my new method of communication she has expressed to moi that I have in fact, been calling her by the wrong name all these years.

    MY pet name is BALLISTIC--- my pets name's  are Sabrina and Sam, a minuture long haired Dachsund and a neutered white and ginger cat.

    Its hard to rename pets. I have two cats, which  were stray and on the  street, at different times. Gave first cat many names, in end She accepted name, Woolie Wool. or Wools. The second cat, was my street friend, till she became ill. Only then did I get chance to take her indoors. After a week at vets, and about six months, loving care, she is fine again, I just call her Puss Puss. While she was ill, she had no much interest in names, but like cats do, responded to her now name.

    She calls me, Snooky.

    Black 10lb puddle and her name is Keesha.


    Love name Keesha.

    Sophie, mixed breed dog named after Bette Midler's character
    Ashley, border collie mix named for the girl my son liked at the time (2nd grade)
    Darrell, shepherd mix names by my eldest son for no reason
    Bruce, American Bulldog came with the name
    (All these dogs are reject dogs, which means they were strays)
    Dieszal, American Bulldog named by middle son (this dog is his)
    Kitty, my mom's cat, named thusly because it is a unique name for a cat
    Peanut, my cat, so named because she was the runt of the litter
    Boss, Jr. pitbull mix named after his dad (and looks just like him)
    Roxanne, shepherd named by my eldest son.

    We like dogs. 

    My cousin just nicknamed my "Sniper". It's a reference to bowling; she's having it embroidered on my team shirt.  I like it, for the bowling alley.   :D 

    Two cats Sinbad and Wilma.

    "" Honey...

    Most of my previous birds names; Cockateils: Chico, Chica, Dusty, Parkanfarker, Appie, Bird, Sparky, beakie, Polky, and Gumbie. There are a few I've forgotten their names it's been so long. Must be the sometimers. Parrots: Oscar, Peaches, Dirty, Carrot, and Ouch. Ouch liked to bite a lot.

    The cats and dogs would be a much longer list.

    Dogs... Logan, Chloe and Khoda

    Cats.... Jinx and Misfit

    Mine... Mica

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