I hate my life

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    I think everyone does from time to time. You need to stop focusing on yourself and do something productive. What would you like to do? A new hobby? Research it! Learn something. The point is use your time wisely.

    Go clean the kitchen, give the bathroom a scrub. Do something nice for your mom.

    Start a journal, everyday focus on learning something new, a word, a math problem, read a book. Do a kindness for someone in your family. Research your  genealogy.

    Pity parties only carry your so far. It's time to have a goal, large and small. GET BUSY!

    Here's the hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo.     :(

    Here's the advice....................make changes.                           :)



    "I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man with no feet."

                                                                    ~ancient Persian Saying


    Sometimes things can be really tough in life.  However, let's be grateful we still have life.  Fight on and count our blessings!





    Sorry for you my dear...


    See my other answers to your Qs that may help with this Q/problem...

    Been there already. Welcome to the real world. Now, grow up................


    There is a lot’a pain in growing up. I found it amazingly disappointing how life treated me from my youth up….so un-fair, often cruel and my own planning just lead to more painful discoveries about myself and others. All I expected to happen shattered, unrealized, at my feet. My friends were a constant reminder of my own failings and everyone pushed me to try harder or fail more. I finally stopped caring if anyone liked me or not, if others were disappointed in me or what I was doing or not. The only thing that mattered to me became that I was happy with me on a daily basis. I did not have to try harder or get even, just get through the day…one day at a time. That became my motto….one day at a time and my choice for happiness. All I choose is happiness for me now…my mantra that carries me through life. By choosing happiness for me, it seemed so selfish at first, until I realized a choice for sorrow truly has nothing to offer of any value…only happiness has value and that is all I choose.    

    You have only one life, enjoy it to the fullest.

    Tell us what you hate about your life? could be the beginning of wisdom! When you hate your life and put your need aside and look at other people need!

    We all have been in your shoes. You will get over it like we all did. You have other things to worry about than hating where you are at right now in your life. What state you live in ?

    The best advice I can give you is, Think in the opposite direction.  Try it once.  Try it again and then keep on going.  It works.

    I keep telling you to get dressed up and talk a walk downtown. 

    Why don't you change it for one you love?

    You have to change your metal thought pattern to a positive one, instead of this negative one you are having now. Brain cells follow a certain path that leads to our thought patterns becoming permanent. So if you keep thinking negatively it will become the usual way of thinking for you. Change your thoughts to what you are thankful for and tell yourself some encouraging things.

    Write some positive goals and put them on your bathroom mirror. Read them every morning and in a short while your thoughts will become more positive and your life will change for the better, so will your outlook.

    Guess what if you do tomorrow exactly what you did today tomorrow will be the same as today, BUT if you do different from what you did today tomorrow things will be different.

    If you want things to change you have to change things.

    Get off your backside and stop feeling sorry for yourself, nobody likes a "Poor me" person.

    The world is not about you it is about what you can add to the world of others.

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