What personality trait(s) do you dislike the most in other people?

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    Maine. Re: answer below.

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    I think the list is almost endless for most of us.   Can't pick just a couple of bad traits.  Unfortunately most or all of us harbor  a few of these traits ourselves, mostly unknowingly.  

    On the up side,  many of these traits have entertained us as the protaganist of a movie or novel carries out their evil.   How shocking it is to view  our personal traits portraid on the big screen for all to see, as we realize  holy crap,  "that could be ME" !

    Narcissist, liars, people that play head games, self righteous,  closed minded, selfish, vain, narrow minded, people who criticize. That will do for starters!

    I fall into some of these, but I fight it, I want to be a better person.


    So do I. I think it is important to recognize our own shortcomings and to continuously working on getting better...

    It's a struggle!


    Selfishness, dishonesty  as well as  liers..


    Me too!

    I think everyone has pretty much said it all.. The only other thing I can think of are people that constantly babble I know a lady that takes 5 minutes to say something everyone else can say in 30 seconds, she always butts in and has to finish what someone else has started...You can't get a word in because she won't shut the he,,,ll up.......... 

    ed shank

    Where do you know my wife from?

    All of the above,

    or below,

    whichever fits.



    Dishonest, sneaky, greedy, close-minded, hypocritical...and not willing to look at themselves in the same light they look at others. In large doses, I also find people who blurt things out without having thought of what they are saying, to often be annoying. (Kind of like the current governor of the state I'm from...sometimes he makes me cringe in reaction to his public appearnaces.)


    remind us your state please :)

    Self-righteous people, we have our fair share of them on this sight.

    Arrogance and self- indulgance.

    people who gossip behind our backs or people who try to bully others.

    I can't tolerate big egos...............

    Arroganze. People who consider themselfes superior to other people.

    You guys have covered it all. We need a few scumags in our lives. It reminds us how not to behave.

    most of my own!!

    All the above also people you can't make up their own mind or have an original thought.  Being a women i see this most of all in my own gender and it makes me cringe.  That is why i enjoy this site so much.  The women here are so amazingly original.

    ed shank

    There certainly are many, one of a kind women here, I dig the hell out of all of them. You included.


    ed shank

    I guess we have covered all the bases. Now how many are we guilty of? I confess, some I am guilty of. But I continue to work on them.

    Yes, everything mentioned here, and may I add one more:  People who are unable to say "I'm sorry", either because they AREN'T (and they "should" be) or because they are too PROUD.  Everyone makes mistakes, and being able to acknowledge and express regret sure makes for better relationships with others.


    I thought my answer would remain low,
    but hey, you never know,eh?
    ed shank

    Lady,you are oh so right.

    Closed minded, intollerant...

    Dishonest, vain, selfish, or manipulative.


    pes-a-mist-ic personality...dont get me rong some times a good dose of dry humor is helpful but that one person who isnt going to be happy no matter what, that person really gets on my nerves! >:(


    the eternal unhappy type :(

    yeah that one haha good way to put it :)

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