Does it hurt when you have a baby ?

    I have wonderd if it really hurts if you have a baby so answer this question now ?

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    I,ve never heard a woman say it doesn,t!

    Hope that satisfies your curiosity!

    yes, it does.

    Let's see 6-10 lbs coming out of a very small place YEP hurts like hell.



    Mine were little only 5 & a half lbs.

    You bet it does HURT.

    It hurts a lot.


    Of course it does everyone on the females..... including animals as well


    Animals get stressed...imagine delivering 12 good sized pups at once!!!

    doolittle they certainly do feel all that pain 12 pups wow I just cant imajine! xx

    But if you want children of your own (not adopted or foster kids) it is worth the pain...or so I have been told.

    It does but this did not stop the humankind from growing.

    Are you nuts. YES!

    Can't lie to you.....Yes the pain can be unbearable, but we all get through it.

    I'm sure it does , but i am a male.

    Having watched my daughter being born...yeah, I would most definitely say it does!


    Going by the veins in ex's neck almost bursting and my crushed hand she was holding, i would say she was in pain.

    Yes it does but mine was a natural childbirth, ive heard that epidurals help a great deal


    The baby's head has to crown before they can give the shot. That could take 20 hours. It does made the end of delivery sweeter.

    When I worked in L & D they would give epidurals to anyone who's labor was progressing by a cm/hr (cervix thinning and opening). So epidurals were given as soon as 4 10cm you are fully dialated.

    At the Flinders Medical Center, women can have a coctail epidurals, whole birth sensation without pain.

    Yes. The weight puts an unbearable stress on the stork's beak.

    See Genesis 3:16. ' I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy and in pain will you give birth and you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you '.



    Eve's sin..she ate the devil's apple.

    In Hebrew the word for pain and joy are the same. It all depends on the person who translates the words. If you replace the word pain for joy then you can see what is meant.

    BACK IN MY DAY WE DIDNT HAVE ALL THOSE FANCY PAIN RELIEVERS. we were awake the whole time and in hell bound pain. the last few pains were the most horrible pains you`ll ever have. its worse than  any thing i have ever been through.

    Hell yes it hurts.  That's why women have the children the men couldn't take it.  (O.K. guys i know your chewing your tongues off right now)

    I have 4 children and it never hurt me a bit until they turned about

    Yes, there is pain unlike any you have ever felt, but not unbearable and not intolerable.  Considerable, yes.  A very sharp pain, which, for me, was like a wave....building and breaking, calm for a while, then building and breaking.
    IMMEDIATELY after the birth of EACH of my children, I thought to myself, "I could do this again." 


    Bob/PKB Yes! In a heartbeat because that's the way we women roll.

    For me, the first, which were twins was painful. The last child I had an easier time no medication. I attended childbirth education and it worked. I experimented during the birth pains to see if it was the same as with the twins. If I had not gone to childbirth education, I would have suffered like the first time.

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