How the heck to get out of suburbia! I can't take it anymore....sob sob.....?

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    What is it that you dislike so much about suburbia? I have lived in both the city and the country.  I liked both, and each, for very different reasons.  I enjoy the convenience of the city and the close proximity of neighbors, but the extreme quiet of the country.  I also enjoy the pitch black of the night, when living in the country, something you never get in the city.  


    I like the serenity of the country, the fresh air, the not hurried look on peoples faces, it must be better! Unless you like the cityburbs.

    I don't like all the gunfights every night. We live far away from the city.

    At one time I couldn't imagine not living in a city. After adjusting to the culture shock of relocating to the sticks,I can't even imagine moving back to the TOILET. People here are a bit weird but the doors are never locked, the keys are always in the ignitions. Tools can be left out on the lawn all nite and their still as they were the nite before. I love it. The beer store however is a 12 minute one way drive at warp five.




    Where are you ed?
    Do you think I could visit?
    ed shank

    NE PA. Sure, if you don't drink bud, bring your own.

    I'll have a CDraught for ya ed, I don't know what bud is.
    ed shank

    Budwieser Beer. Americas best.

    The Pythons memorably said ' American beer is like having sex in a canoe'.

    nomdeplume: You mean it rocks!
    ed shank

    Bob, more about your canoe ride.

    Hi CHAIN I'll think of somemore Okalhoma songs that will chear you up.


    Hi sunnyB, thanks for that, although I didn't see that, nor heard it either!!!!!

    Poor sole, you are in a state if you can't remember what you were doing

    Move to the country life. You can pee from front porch, open quail season early in your front yard, lower taxes, raise pigs, chickens , and alligators, and nobody can tell you no.


    is that really true,Zorro? cause if it is I need some help!! moving I mean.

    all true
    ed shank

    Can't do that here, no farm animals here. Your allowed two dogs or two cats. Pissing on trees is allowed though.

    Move to Alaska.


    No, that is taking it a bit too far. Although, they are very healthy folk....however I don't think I would fit in there.

    Well just a thought if I could I would have about a thousand acres and not clear any of it cept where I put my humble abode and one little road leading up to it with a locking gate that would be my best idea.

    Too many polar bears.

    I happen to think that polar bears would be much nicer neighbors.....

    Hi, Chain.....I've got lots of questions for you!
    Do you have enough to retire or do you need to have a job wherever you settle?
    How RURAL do you want to be?  How far from the nearest village, town, city?
    What kind of weather do you want to enjoy (or endure)?
    What kind of ethnic makeup do you prefer?
    If you are truly serious about getting away, you might want to do some research (which you can do with the internet) about where the least amount of crime is, the cost of living, the rate of unemployment, and stuff like that.  


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