my email sight has been stolen. i haven't sent or received an email for 2 days. and my email friends are being scamed

    web sights and friends are calling me saying they need info on my accounts or that i'm in dire straits and need money sent to their address.

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    Send a email from your alternate email to the compromised email provider . In the address bar type abuse @ what ever the email is . And request a new password ,Stop opening mail from unknown sources .

    Change your password to something harder to guess.

    Email sight being stolen?????   Did it make the headlines first I ever heard that one......


    Happens all the time . Are you one of the lambs who has escaped this ? The web is a bare knuckle bar fight with broken bottles and knives . Its a Louisiana bar fight every day the stakes are your identity and the millions made from fraud . Learn the meaning of "key stroke bots ",Back door Trojans, and a few other virus things that come in your mail when you down load something from a unknown source.This is serious ,no joke !!!!

    I have yes heard of identity theft and email hacking but no not heard of a email sight itself being stolen?????

    From a hackers point of view once there is access to your password . It can be changed to anything the hacker desires . Then when you try to login you have no access you are blocked from your own account . Then by simply typing one mail and clicking reply all a mail has been sent to all your contacts saying you are in trouble ,you need money any number of things . The only limiting factor is some mails have daily limits example is Hot Mail has a 100 mails a day limit . By using a proxy and a port you get around this and send desperate mails every hour asking for money with out limit. I can be in the USA and get a proxy in London and off I go . This is how a email address is stolen ,you must fight back like the devil or you loose all your friends contact info and you cant contact them at all unless you back the info up . Take nothing for granted on the net ,a healthy does of paranoia and fear will keep you from harms way .

    Have no fear I have enough paranoia......

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