would you go to an experienced doctor if you knew he had a gay lover? While I am not

    I believe what one does in his personal life should not detract from what he/ she does in their bedroom!

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    The statement below your Q makes no sense. Did you mean what one does in his/her professional life....?
    Are you not a doctor or not gay..and why is that important ???

    I think the doctor's sexuality is the doctor's business. I certainly don't think about things like that just as I don't wonder about my doctor's religion or the colour of his house.

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    Yes.  I let one operate on me.  Universal Precautions are for the safety of the medical professionals and the patients!!!!  I have known several excellent practitioners who happen to be gay/ lesbian.  Why should this make a difference????

    I have no idea why this is a question.  Who cares as long as the doctor is a good doctor and if you have found a good doctor then you are very lucky.

    We had a lesbian  doctor deliver our baby,, never gave it a second thought, shes damn good at what she does.

    You sure are asking a lot about being gay.  Being gay goes far beyond what goes on in the bedroom......

    Seems that society can't get their head out of the bedroom when it comes to a gay couple. What about the emotional attachment? No different than a straight couple I would imagine. I married my wife for a multitude of reasons, as far as the sex goes, it was great, but not enough to marry her for that alone.

    Yes no problem as long as he fills in the right cavity..(no pun intended)


    Your just wrong! LOL

    Experienced doesn't mean he's a good doctor.  If he's a good doctor, the answer is, hell YES.

    Never really thought of asking. Mind you, my family doc is female. Now that you mention it, she does speak with somewhat of a lisp. Hmmm.


    digger- I like your pic!

    gay females don't stereotypically speak with a lisp. Gay men do so in a traditional, theatrical the way they're portrayed on 2 and 1/2 men.

    Some 25  years ago there was a bisexual dentist named David Acer who infected some of his patients with AIDS, one of whom died, Kimberley Bergalis. Investigations never found how the disease was transmittedand it was even suggested that he may have been injecting his own blood. In any case Kimberley, who loudly proclaimed her virginity, was later proved to have been indulging in very risky sexual practices.


    I remember that! Had totally forgotten about it.

    I remember that. But murderers are murderers, no matter how they do it.

    I want my doctor to listen to me, advise me conscientiously, and put my health above everything else when I am in the office. I want medication to CURE, not COVER UP an illness or symptoms. I want my x-rays, MRIs, mammograms, bloodwork, pap, etc. to be reviewed immediately upon prompt receipt, and a letter and/or call when they are diagnosed. 


    Good luck with all of that these days! LOL!!!

    No kidding, Ducka, and those things SHOULD be the very LEAST of our expectations!

    the information is too personal.

    Been gay or other wise, does not matter,once he./she is good doctor.

    The words "experienced doctor" are the operative words in that statement. Who cares if the doctor is gay or straight, that does not affect thier abilities to practice medicine.

    I'm a lesbian and it's never bothered me that my doctors were/are straight :-)



    I do and I know he is gay and I am not gay and I don't  care that he is gay. He is an excellent doctor and I wouldn’t care if he were black, muslim, transgender, walked with a limp, had a mis-shapened head, smiled toothlessly, had tourettes , bad breath and wore glasses with coke bottle bottom lenses. He does his job well and I am glad he is my doctor. But if he had your expressed prejudice as his only flaw….I would find another doctor.


    the bad breath would be a deal breaker for me

    I choose a doctor for their experience to even consider what he or she does in the bedroom is what???? I can't think of a rational way of putting it, it's just so stupid.

    As long as he doesn't bleed on me, Yes. I've had gay men hair sylists, adn gay male dentists, etc. I've worked with many gay men and women--- in the medical field .


    In fact, my gyn is gay and so is his partner in the business. And they are partners at home, with eachother. They mix business with pleasure.

    WHAT IS A GYN,?????


    Does he need anymore members,in his practice,?????

    Are you afraid its going to rub off on you??  (there's a pun in there someplace)  :)

    Of course, I would.  Especially, if he/she were referred to me by another Dr. or my friend.

    No the relationship between you and your doctor should stay strictly professional the only ever time it should be unprofessional if you were already friends, you dont just go to your doctors and ask your doctor things like this.


    Gays as doctors, in military , politicians. They - we all the same - genus species.

    If a male, do not bend towards mecca and tell him that you are not interested. If a female. You are safe!. because you said He!.

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