would you go to an experienced doctor if you knew he had a gay lover? While I am not gay

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    Of course I would, why on earth shouldn,t I.

    Unless you are a seriously homophobic person, or he is a seriously bad Doctor?

    Why should it matter?

    3 questions in a row in 4 minutes concerning gay people. I think you have a problem! What is it?

    terryfossil 1

    Clu,i think he posted one of those questions twice..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    A doctor's private life had nothing to do with me and shouldn't reflect on the care I receive.........

    I don't care what his sexual orientation is, or his religion, or his shoe size! I am there to be treated for a medical reason. Now, if he was on drugs, been dragged through the courts for malpractice, that's a different story. That could effect me.

    why not?

    ....I'm no judge.

    The guys personal life is none of my business. If he was a good doctor, I would have no qualms regarding seeing him.

    It doesn't rub off. 

    Why the flip would I actually care about that?  I ditto Bobette. 

    I think my new doc is gay.But he's good.

    If I had a good rapport with the doctor, yes, I would go to him. 

    not unless i had to..

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