why can't people handle Gay Couples like they finally accepted the blacks in Selma? While I am not in a gay lifestyle, why can't other folks leave personal lifestyles to what they do in their bedroom?

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    What makes you think they have gained acceptance ,really ? Tolerance ,maybe . Been all over the south and its better yes ,but still there's room for improvement .

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    Dont know??? perhaps the PDA is bothersome . People should concentrate on carrying their own baggage . In the last days  when the books of life are read there will be many surprises and many red faces . Then we will know who has been doing what to who. LOL Bigots and haters need a cause to give themselves value and fulfil the need to be better than . Gay people are just convenient targets .Sad state of affairs all around ,will it change ,dont know ? I have my own luggage to worry about ,being far from perfect gives me some sleepless nights . How ever this goes in the end I wish you all good luck ,may it end well for all.                Bill


    "In the last days when the books of life are read there will be many surprises and many red faces."

    I salute you on your extreme enlightenment. I may even make a wall plaque of this. Thank you.

    I blame religious dogmas that seek to control man and man's spirit which is contrary to God's gift of free will.

    Let's see the answers of those who cannot or do not want to...

    I believe in separation of church and state, to me that means minding your own business... Live and let live...........

    Live and let live.. I'm no mans judge.!

    So, you think blacks are on the same plane as whites in Selma, Alabama? Like hell. Things have changed. Prejudice has not been cured.



    I know many gay couples. I do not judge. It's not for me, but neither is football! I could careless. To each his own.

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